Rynda week 26 incl.VIDEO, ending 26th of June

Posted on 01/07/2015


As we hear the droning of the MI8 coming over the hills it signals the end of another week here at Rynda.


This week we were fortunate to have 4 veterans in camp that have been visiting Rynda for the last 10+ years, it is always great to see our old friends once again, we were also joined by a couple of new comers who were excited to get on the river and experience this wonderful fishery.


It was also great to see how the guests and guides were happy to see each other as they have built up great friendships over the seasons by spending lots of time together on the river. Most of the guides here at Rynda have more than 10 years experience and know this fishery like the back of their hand.


The week started of well with veteran David landing a 20 pounder during the first afternoons fishing, not a bad start to the week. By now the river has gone down to 0.77cm, which allows the fish, to spread out throughout all the pools.


Monday morning we were greeted by clear skies, which we knew would make the fishing somewhat trickier. It’s not often that you can complain about something being too good, but this was exactly the case with the weather forecast for the next couple of days.


The guests still managed to get some quality fish nonetheless, David managed to get yet another good fish this time a 24 pounder whilst fishing Rebecca, however Roger managed to get his personal best fish of 28lb’s, what makes this fish even more special is the fact that it was caught on the tiny Zolotaya, what a great catch. Roger got awarder a 27+ ring for his special catch.


Ally and Bruce decided to go and look higher up river towards swan lake area if there were any fish around and Ally managed to get a beautiful 22 pounder on a willy gun variation, in total they managed to land 6 fish for the day.



Francis made the most of his time here at Rynda by fishing most evenings after dinner and with great success.


With the water temperature now at 13.5 degrees the fish were especially interested in surface or hitched flies. This always makes for very exciting fishing, although you don’t always get the hookups it’s still major fun.



After three days of bright and sunny weather it was a great sight to see some clouds moving in. With the weather change the fishing also seemed to improve, Roger once again managed to land a beautiful 24-pound fish whilst fishing Norway pool, a great way to end the week.


All in all this has been a memorable week despite the fairly tough fishing conditions. We are looking forward to making some more memories in the weeks to come and meeting some great new people along the way.


Rynda team