Rynda week 26 ending 24th of June 2016

Posted on 30/06/2016


Joining us this week were a wonderful mix of rods from all over the world.  It was great to have a full camp this week.


Daniel and Amelia made the journey to Murmansk via Train because in their opinion, the flight is just too short and one doesn’t take in the scenery. With an outlook like that we were excited to have father and daughter Daniel and Amelia here with us.


What we didn’t realize is that Amelia would end up catching the biggest fish of the week. In a lot of cases there is a thing we call ‘Ladies Luck’ but this was far from it. I have very fond memories of seeing Amelia and guide Gena running down home pool as her 26.5lb fish was screaming down stream into the lake. Finally managing to get the fish after a 25min tug of war. Apart from this fish her determination and passion for fishing saw her catch a couple of memorable fish throughout the week.


Adrian and Nigel always took care of the humor side of things around dinner table to ensure everyone leaves the dining area with smile filled faces. For Nigel this was a first fly-fishing trip. Determination and hard work saw him catch his personal best Salmon at 16lb from home pool, Well-done Nigel.


Adrian on the other hand also got a personal best fish of 26lb later in the week.


The combination of people in the group made sure that there was never a dull moment. With the home pool producing some great fish throughout the week Pete made the most of his time and fished most evenings after dinner more often with the success.



The river is now just right; the water level has dropped to 1.15cm a level where it is real comfortable to fish and also identify all the holding spots. This week the weather was fairly stable bringing the water temperature up to 13C. The first Grilse  have also started to show and we are still getting fresh sea-liced fish throughout the river.


This week was fun. We caught some fish, and we shared great memories with our old and new friends. We would also like to thank Marc our French friend for all his patience and understanding, as we do not speak French at all. His appreciation towards the fishing and tundra is very noticeable in facial expressions. The tundra has it’s own language, one that everyone understands.7


Until next week, Do Svidaniya.


Rynda team