Rynda Fishing Week 26 – 2013

Posted on 28/06/2013

Dear friends,

We would like to share with you a report made by our Rynda veteran, Mark Brookes. Hope you enjoy it!


For many years this was the week of the Green Butt Brigade. Alas, it was to be no more and only David and Mark returned to join a truly international team of Russians, Swiss, Austrian and Americans. It was nice to have Vladimir and his son with us to make up a thoroughly enjoyable party.



Arctic weather is always liable to have great variations and this year was to be no exception. The team arrived on Saturday to find the sun blazing down from a cloudless sky and this was to continue virtually unabated for the rest of the week. The air temperature rose steadily all week from 10C to almost 30C with it rising even higher on Thursday with the water temperature following suit to 16.5 degrees. The water level fell some 15 cms which could have been worse.



The combination of bright sun and hot water do not make for ideal fishing conditions but the team battled on through the day rather than switching to night fishing. It was inevitable that many fish came short and either missed the fly or were soon lost but in the end more than last year were landed which was not the case with some of the neighbouring rivers. Virtually no Grilse were caught in the first half of the week but there were signs that they were beginning to arrive by Friday. The total for the week around 100 was better than last year and a good result given the conditions especially as a number of the guests for one reason or another did not always fish the river.

The biggest fish landed were two of 24 pounds caught by Bruce and Kurt and the average weight was a creditable 12.5 pounds.


Congratulations to Helmut and Hugo who nearly caught half the total and to David who only fell in five times which was a considerable improvement on previous years!



If fishing was predictable it would be boring but less heat and more cloud would not have gone amiss this week. Lets hope the fishing weather improves from now on and hopefully the rains come.


The service in the Lodge was as good as ever and there can be few other fishing camps where the guides look after their guests so well.



This week was very enjoyable! There was a group of passionate fishermen with great characters who demonstrated an unbeaten fishing spirit in the extremely difficult conditions.

This week Vladimir Rybalchenko has come to Rynda camp with his son. Moreover there were a lot of different interesting people fishing with us this week. It was very intriguing talking to Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s founder, and Kurt Beardslee, Executive Director of Wild Fish Conservancy. The main issues of salmon preservation were discussed in details.

Special thanks to our friend Bruce McNae!