Rynda Fishing Week 26 – 2012

Posted on 30/06/2012


The Green Butt Brigade returns for the 12th year. Obviously, this is the first year without Peter, but it is still very much the Rynda we know, with all the smiles and familiar faces amongst the guides and camp staff. We are delighted to be back amongst friends!

Arrived in bright, hot and cloudless weather with unusually low water conditions, more typical to later in the summer. However, despite the conditions Bruce kick started the week with a fantastic 27 pounder from Home Pool on Sunday, a personal best.

For the next few days, the continuing bright conditions certainly proved challenging, with the few fish being reluctant to show, and catches being much lower than the party is used to you. Most of the fish were being caught in the lower beats, although fish were being caught as high as Swan Lake. Reindeer Crossing looks perfect but the fish remain elusive!



Heavy rain showers on Tuesday brought a respite to the high temperatures and the river rose by 1cm. This heralded a larger change in conditions, with Wednesday bringing cold, wet weather out of the north and a welcome break from the mosquitoes!! The heavy rain led to the river rising a further 10cm, and water temperatures falling 3°C with considerable numbers of fish being seen on Thursday and Friday running through Rock Island and up into Home Pool and beyond.

Although Home Pool and below accounted for a large proportion of the fish being caught; in terms of size, the upper pools have outperformed the lower pools. Eight 20+ pounder fish were caught and released during the week, of which six were caught from Iron Gate (2nd Waterfall) and above. Small flies (inlcuding of course the Green Butt), sunray shadows and hitching have accounted for a large proportion of the fish.



On Wednesday, Toby had a 25 pounder from the tail of The Inlet, and Bruce hooked and eventually landed a 20lb fish in the tail of Canyon, which had another fly in its mouth. This was later identified as belonging to Vladimir who had lost a large fish in Canyon a number of days earlier! Clearly the Salmon still have to learn who is the new boss!

On Thursday Bill caught a personal best 25 pounder at Eagles Nest and Mark D had a 21 pounder in Rebecca, that put up such a fight that it was hard to determine whether Mark was playing the fish or vice versa.

The improved water conditions and influx of fresh fish meant Friday was the best day of the week, with the lower pools from Tolstoi down to Rock Island providing plenty of activity for David, Mark CB, Andrew and Bill. Not constrained to the lower pools, Paddy had a couple of nice fish from Eagle’s Nest. Large fish continued to be encountered throughout the sytem on Friday, with Andrew landing a lovely 20 pounder at Dancing Platform, and Toby catching a 20 pounder on the hitch in the tail of Iron Gate. Bill lost a very large fish that ran him out of Home Pool, before being lost close to the net.

However, the fish of the week was the fresh 29 pounder caught by Hugo in the tail of The Inlet, who then went on to catch a 15 pounder in Third Waterfall, still with long tailed sea lice. Both these fish were caught on size 12 flies.





At Zolotaya, the low water conditions have, like at Rynda, made fishing challenging, although a few fish have been caught by Graham (Jeremy’s), Derek (Russian Pool) and Deirdre (Peters). Despite the low catches, the magic of Zolotaya maintains a particular allure to most of the “old timers” and still delivers memories that will outlast most fish, …. such as stumbling upon a protective ptarmigan and her recently fledged chicks.



The fishing conditions were undoubtedly difficult for the week, and Deirdre and Annabel both showed incredible fortitude with continual good humour. Deirdre not only caught her first ever salmon early in the week, she then managed to top it with a 13 pounder, and Annabel had her largest Russian salmon.

The presence of two Russian anglers, Igor and Anton not only contributed to the daily tally, but were also a welcome addition to the house party atmosphere in the lodge.

Toby and Kola.