Rynda week 25 ending 23th of June 2017

Posted on 29/06/2017

1 Rynda week 25

We had a challenging week with big rising water and cold conditions. It was a bit like fishing in Gin&Tonic water under icy rain!

2 Rynda week 25

3 Rynda week 25

4 Rynda week 25

The Rynda River reached its peak and then stayed at this huge level whole week. This along with cold (1.5C) water temps kept most of the salmon down at the lower Sea pool.



Such extreme river condition required heavy sinking lines and even some big brass tubes – Snaeldas, Willy Guns, Temple Dogs were also affective patterns.

7 Rynda week 25 - Facebook-50


9 Rynda week 25

The fishing rotation was concentrated on the lowest part of Rynda.

10 Rynda week 25

11 Rynda week 25


Nevertheless their spirit and determination through difficult conditions led to some memorable results. Well done Olivier!


14 Rynda week 25

Looking forward to seeing you back again for round II with hopefully much better conditions.
Thank you all for the wonderful week!



Rynda team.