Rynda week 25 ending 20th of June 2014

Posted on 24/06/2014

The fickle nature of the opening to the season continued into the third week, with weather conditions being variable. A day or so of promising improvement, quickly followed by cold north winds the next driving temperatures down again. Starting from Monday the weather went bad, and until the end of the week a strong northern wind 18 m/s didn’t stop.


With the air temperature 3-4Сand the strong rain, sometimes even snowing, it made the fishing very complicated. However, our cosmopolitan mix of British, Russian American, French and Latvian anglers didn’t give up, didn’t run away to the camp and went on fishing with considerable spirit and camaraderie through the week.



Perversely, one of the most cold and windy days – 18 June – strangely enough, turned out to be the most productive with 10 salmon caught. This included two from Zolotaya, the first Zolotaya fish of the season with one at the Long pool and the Five Stones pool.




Despite the variable weather, the water dropped 20 cm during the week. The frustrating element however remains the stubbornly low water temperature – just 5C. The drop in water and the slow increase in temperature means that fish have entered the system in greater numbers and, by contrast with the first two weeks when all fish were taken at Sea Pool, this week saw Home Pool as the most productive with 10 Islands area not so far behind.



On successive days two large fish estimated at over 25lbs were hooked and lost at Home Pool as they ran powerfully out of the pool and backtowards the sea!


We were still fishing with sinking lines and tubes, but the first fishes have already been caught on the floating lines.




It is a very late season. Norway pool, left bank. On a few occasions, we’ve tried to fish up above the Waterfall, but the results suggest that fish are not present in big numbers above there yet. However, on Friday we managed to catch the first fresh fish 23 pounds above the Waterfall (Norway Pool). Well done, Andrew!


Nikolay and Simon