Rynda Fishing Week 25 – 2013

Posted on 21/06/2013

Guest report by Ally Gowans

What a great week, fun, friendship, fabulous food and fantastic fishing!


Life does not get better than this! They say that there is no such thing as bad weather, it’s just inadequate clothing. In these terms I went from five layers at the start of the week to one layer and sunblock by mid-summers’ day. In other words temperature ranged from 4C to 25C. Sometimes conditions were challenging but all of it was enjoyable thanks in my case to Patagonia clothing. And when the weather switched on so did the fish.

Our intrepid group of anglers (or should I say “cast of comics”?) contained a wide mixture of the Russian salmon fishing experience and knowledge, at one end at the spectrum we benefitted from Mikael’s sage advice and at the other end Oregon rancher John Hyde had his fingers firmly crossed hoping to land his first Atlantic Salmon. Fortunately our sport is about sharing knowledge and at the end of the week. John’s comment was: “I’ve come a long way with Atlantic Salmon fishing during this trip. To be at Rynda is amazing for me.” – John, you are not alone!


It wasn’t long before John sat proudly at the top of the table after catching a beautiful 10 lb fish from the Home Pool on a Purple Peril steelhead fly. His successful week concluded with three lovely fish from Zolotaya on Friday. Other notable catches include Bryan Sohl’s 31 lb monster from the Third waterfall caught on a Willie Gunn tube tied by Ally Gowans. I should also mention that we caught the first grilse of the season.



Several fish over 20 lbs were landed during the week best by Chuck Gentry and Ally Gowans who each had specimens of 27 lbs, Ally’s from Swan Lake proved that the whole river is now open for business.


Willie Gunn and Monkey Fly accounted for these two. During the week an amazing selection of lines and flies brought success including Blue, Red, Black and Dee Sheep, Bombers, Greased Liner, Stoats Tail, Green Samurai and hitched Sunray type flies.


As the water drops and warms it is apparent that there is a good run of two sea winter fish entering the system complemented by a decent number of larger three sea winter salmon and the main grilse run is imminent.



Around a hundred fish were landed and many more were met and departed. Prospects look very good at present but of course salmon fishing is an unpredictable and fickle business in which the weather plays an important role.

Rynda may be one of the few strongholds for wild Atlantic Salmon. Thanks to the Atlantic Salmon Reserve for their commitment to conservation of these precious fish and places they live.

The group also wishes to thank the charming and diligent staff who kept everything running like clockwork and the exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful team of guides. Your guests are delighted!

There is a pair of ptarmigan birds strutting about the camp and just as we were leaving I heard them call “Go back! Go back”. We certainly hope to!


Week 25 team
Ally Gowans

We are very thankful to Ally!

This week we met a wonderful group of positive and very livable people. During every dinner there were never-ending conversations which finally run out in somebody’s apartment sometimes in the early morning.


On one of the memorable dinners came Vladimir Rybalchenko. There was such an extremely friendly atmosphere that Ally adventured to recite his own poem devoted to fishing.


Thank to everybody who came to us this week. That was amazing time!

The good mood is probably a ticket to success. That’s why everybody got their nice fish:

Bryan – 18lbs – Willie Gunn – Eagle nest

Bryan – 25lbs – Willie Gunn – Rebecca

Anders – 18 lbs – Black/red sheep – Russian Pool

Ulrich – 20 lbs – Under taker 12 – 10 Islands

Nikolai and Zhanna.