Rynda Fishing Week 25 – 2012

Posted on 23/06/2012

This 3rd week of the fishing season turned out to be interesting and quite unusual. Together with the Rynda fishing guests, one of the best TV filming teams arrived to the camp. The team having several Emmy, BAFTA and RTS awards for documentary films now focused on the Rynda River, its history, beauty and fishing legends. The Kola Peninsula seemed to be waiting for the strangers to come and showed up in fogs, storms and fortunately good salmon fishing.

Photo: TV crew with 2 anglers
From left to right
Upper row: Brett, Philip, James, Justin.
Lower row: Torin, Kate, Richard, Kristian

We fished the whole length of the river this week. Salmon runs happened regularly. Like the week before fish spread out over the Rynda pools unevenly. The lower beat was the most stable in producing fish in numbers and sizes. Some fishermen got excellent results catching up to 7 salmon a day when fishing at the right place and at the right time. Well done, Paul and Karl!

Big Rynda salmon was found in different spots including the upper beats. We especially liked the following fishing stories:

A 25 pound salmon took Bruce’s favourite Greased Liner in the tail of Canyon, then rushed to the rapids and was successfully landed in Twin Slabs with Gena’s help.



A 30pounds salmon, 108cm long and 59cm girth was caught in the Home pool by Thomas, relying on Sasha’s special fly. When they got back to the camp, after a glass of champagne for everyone, Thomas told his fishing story to a completely silent audience. When he finished the whole lodge applauded and agreed that this was one of the best stories of their lifes.



Brett, fishing and being filmed by the TV crew produced one more fishing story setting his personal best with a 25 pound salmon caught in the Home pool on a Green Butt.

Unfortunately Zolotaya was not fished regularly this week because of the frequent thick fogs and no regular salmon runs. Being a small river Zolotaya lost its water level quite fast after the snowless winter and the warm spring. We have always believed in Zolotaya, especially after a triumphant 2007 season with 26, 26, 28, 29, 34 pounds salmon caught between the 18th and 25th of June.


By the end of the week the water temperature reached +13C. With low water conditions salmon were found in the same spots as in summer weeks. Fish were frequently found right in the tails of the pools as well as in rapids. Flies with 6-8 sized double hooks, small tubes, Sun Rays, Stoat tails and Green Butts worked very well through the whole week. As usual, those anglers using hitched flies, got the most exciting fly-fishing experience.

This party was very special for its mixture of anglers and TV professionals. We loved the lively and loud atmosphere in the lodge, rods and cameras, lots of jokes and laughter. Two Vladimirs, Senior and Junior, joined the fishing-party at Rynda, living in the camp for a couple of days, which became one more reason to express all our admiration by the beauty of Rynda.

Kola and Katya