Rynda week 24 ending 16th of June 2017

Posted on 19/06/2017

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Late and cold spring finally exploded! As a result, during the week Rynda was rising in a big way adding 10-16 cm to the water measuring stick every day. And by the end of the week river almost reached the peak. High water reduced our fishing places. Most of them are too heavy now. Nevertheless, we have to pass this flood and gradually get back to normal.

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Fishing wise, in the given conditions our anglers did very well! Here are some highlights we would like to share with you.
This week top rods were our first-time visitors Mark and Pete. On Monday Mark landed his first ever Atlantic salmon – 13 pounds. Well done, Mark!


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Next day it took only 3 casts for Pete to get his first salmon for the morning. And together with Mark they hooked 5 and landed 4 salmon back-to-back! In the last dinner we celebrated Mark’s (17 lb) and Pete’s (20 lb) Personal Best Atlantic salmon.

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A few times we dropped our fishing pathfinders to our satellite river Zolotaya. Simon managed to land the very first fresh salmon (23 lb) at Zolotaya, 5 Stones.


Our dear Frank celebrated his Birthday here at Rynda catching a wonderful 18-pounder springer. Happy Birthday, Frank!

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The most amazing story happened with Jamie. He is very experienced and skillful fisher. He was checking tiny pockets in a huge heavy rapid. It was quite amazing he hooked an 18-springer but the most unbelievable was that he managed to land it in the same pocket. Well done, Jamie!


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Spring fishing is really the best time of the year! It’s nice to see such a beautiful well-shaped silver salmon. Allan, well done for your wonderful fish!

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Thank you for the great week!
Best wishes and see you next time, our friends!

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Rynda team.