Rynda week 24 ending 13th of June 2014

Posted on 17/06/2014


Picture by Justin Prichard

Last week our guests could see the whole specter of the spring weather in tundra. The south wind brought some warmth and high-cloudy weather, and the next day the wind direction changed to the northern with piercing cold of the Arctic. On Saturday, which is the arrival day, the wind brought deep fog, and due to the non-flying weather, our guests were delayed for one day in Murmansk.


By their arrival on Sunday, the river finally stopped rising, albeit, at very high levels but with a gradual drop each day, the river has slowly fallen to conditions more or less suitable for fishing.During the week, the water lever dropped some 40 centimeters, and the temperature rose from 3C to 6C.


As expected, given these conditions, all the fishing was concentrated at the bottom part of the river. What is more, all the fish was caught at the same place – Sea Pool. Whilst certainly some fish were travelling into the other pools on the lower river, the heavy water made it difficult to have a chance at locating them.The perseverance of the group was rewarded with some beautiful Spring fish, all sea-liced and in sparkling unmarked condition.





As at the first week, we used the heavy-sinking lines with tubes. As we write, the water level continues to drop and the fishing is becoming more expansive with fresh liced fish now being taken and seen in all the pools below camp where we have been fishing.





As we finish this report, we heard the optimistic conversation over the guides’ radios is of fish being taken at the start of the third week from Home Pool, Croy as well as more fresh fish at Sea Pool.


Kola and Simon