Rynda week 24 ending 12th of June 2015

Posted on 16/06/2015


This week it was exciting times for us at camp Rynda with the start of a new season joining us this week was six eager guests from 6 different countries, it was guaranteed to be a fun week with great dinner side conversations. Part of this six man team was a special friend and veteran angler Simon who has been fishing with us for the past 18 seasons. We awarded him with the first ASR Veteran’s ring.


This week was also the grand opening of the Rynda Farlows Shop, which is well stocked with all the necessities. The view from the shop is probably the best with the river only being a stone throw away.



It didn’t take too much convincing to get the guest into their waders and off to the river for a fish, it didn’t take too long for the first fish of the season to come to net. The following day a beautiful 21lb sealiced fish was caught by Timo on the small, but very beautiful  Zolotaya river which made this fish extra special. Not a bad way to start.

With a storm passing through the fishing slowed down somewhat but the determined anglers still managed to consistently land fish. Grater managed to catch a beautiful 21lb fish that he manage to entice with a heavy sunray shadow.


Towards the end of the week the weather also started clearing up which lifted the spirits once again and everyone was excited for the last couple of days. Throughout the week there was a steady drop in water level, which makes the conditions perfect with the water level at 1.10m.

Francois was rewarded for the hard work and finished the week on a high by landing two stunning salmon of 20 and 24lb, the 24 pounder being his personal best, well done!


All in all this was a great week here at Rynda with all guests landing some special fish throughout the week, with the small Zolotaya river delivering some outstanding results with four fish over the 20lb mark being caught and released. With fish seen moving into the system we are excited for the weeks to come.


Until next week, Rynda team.