Rynda Fishing Week 24 – 2013

Posted on 14/06/2013

We met a wonderful group of solid friends this week. For some fishermen this was their first visit not only to the camp but even to Russia. Vast territory, numerous herds of reindeers and incredibly changeable weather were lodged forever in the memory of our guests.


Rynda met its fishermen with a cloudless sky, bright sunshine when the air temperature was + 26C. The weather has been hot last week, the water temperature hasn’t changed much (+ 12C).


On Tuesday the north wind came and brought a strong fog and cold Arctic air. Along with snow there were rain and strong blustery winds which didn’t stop the fishing lovers but was still challenging!



The same as the previous week fish mostly were staying below the first waterfall. However “the hunters for big fish” were regularly fishing in the middle stream of Rynda river and on Tuesday there were first fresh salmon caught on the Power Pool and the second waterfall. With such water level and temperature (+12) the first waterfall couldn’t be an obstacle any more allowing fish into their upper river.



This week we used both floating and sinking tips. Some of the most successful and productive flies were Willy Gun on an aluminum tube and time – honored Sunray Shadow.

Beloved Zolotaya river made the fishermen happy again with its first fresh salmon. By the way there was an underwater camera being installed. The fishermen like children couldn’t be unglued from a TV set, observing the underwater river life.


There was a true salmon fishing as usual: brilliant salmon jumps, regrettable fish lost, feverish fly changes encouraged by seeing a big salmon, and of course pleasure after catching and returning fish.



The week was so exciting and unforgettable. We remember not only the fishing process but also sincere conversations during the excellent dinner, especially when retold by cold fishermen coming back from fishing all day.

By saying goodbye to our friends we wish them successful fishing and meeting the next season!