Rynda week 23 ending 9th of June 2017

Posted on 11/06/2017

This was the first week of the season 2017.
The short description leading up to our opening week could be ‘Record amounts of snow along with a very-very late spring’.


Snow levels along the northern coast topped an 80-year high last winter. This in addition to the late arrival of spring with the low air temperatures for most of May has produced low water conditions and huge snow banks to start the season.



Nevertheless this certainly was not a barrier for the 6 crazy spring fishermen who arrived to the Rynda last week. These pioneers demonstrated strong character and impressive fishing skills.

4 IMG_6553

5 Splash PRO 000656

Our congrats to Roger for the biggest fish of the week!

6 DSC_0117

In spite of a few dull cold days, we were thankful for the warming bright conditions as the week went on. From midweek, the water level slowly started to rise with a cool water temp of 1.5C.

7 P1120232

Our fishing efforts were concentrated from Home pool down to Sea pool as all the fresh fish are being caught on the lowest part of the river. These perfectly shaped bright silver springers were such beautiful creatures! We also found some chrome osenkas on the pools above the first home pool rapids.

8 DSC_0006

We explored the Zolotaya river. But fish hasn’t entered Zolotaya yet.
These conditions remind us of the late season back in 2008. These very early weeks will give our guests a unique impression of how tundra normally looks like in the very beginning of the arctic spring.

9 IMG_6312-2

Unlike the last several warm early seasons – last week was proper spring salmon fishing with hard work and unforgettable bright silver rewards!

10 IMG_6328

11 Splash PRO 000655

The Rynda team is grateful to our six brave anglers for making this a wonderful week!

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