Rynda week 23 ending 6th of June 2014

Posted on 10/06/2014

The last two seasons have seen fishing at Rynda opening in highly unusual conditions with summer – like water levels and water temperatures.  As an illustration, 31 May 2013 saw the water temperature at a record high of +9C with a very low water levels.  By contrast, the 2014 season has opened to conditions far more usual to our latitude. The highest recorded levels of water in the snow blanket for the last 18 years resulted from substantial late snow falls in April.


Combined with temperatures in May which are more typical for the time of year, these factors have seen the first guests arriving for the season at Rynda greeted by a very full-flowing river with levels not seen at the start of June for a number of years.  Following 2 or 3 warm days in the first week, the river continued to rise as the snow and ice on the lakes fed more water into the system producing a further 35 -40cms  on the river during the week.


Because, the large lakes in the upper Rynda have still contained significant quantities of ice, the water temperature has remained stubbornly low, despite the warm few days, climbing just 2 degrees – from 1C to 3C.   For longstanding guests on these early weeks, such conditions will not be unfamiliar but represent a marked change from recent years.  Due to the big lakes in the upper Rynda, the river always warms up more slowly, but remains more a stable temperature throughout the season.


As a consequence of these conditions, the skated flies and floating lines that we saw in the first week of the 2013 season, have given way to fishermen using the fast sinking lines and heavy tube flies more characteristic of Spring fishing.  Due to the fast flowing high water level all the fishing was focused in small pockets and sea pool from where the first fish of the season was nevertheless taken on the first evening’s fishing.


Those who have fished at Rynda in recent seasons will be surprised by the instant look of some pools.


Croy Pool, left bank.


River Zolotaya, the rapid up the Russian pool.

Whilst the season has therefore opened in contrast to recent experience, they give cause for considerable optimism for the season as a whole with the promise of good water heights well into the season and a steady build up catches. We would encourage guests coming to fish at Rynda during the next 2 weeks to be sure to bring with them a range of fast sinking tips and lines as well as a good selection of heavy tube flies.  Be sure also to make sure that you have some fleece to layer up for the sometimes cold days which are still with us.

As well as the fishing, our guests are always impressed by the marvelous views of the spring tundra. In the beginning of June it just starts to wake up from the long winter, fills with spring colors and flavors.




As we start the second full week, the air temperature dropped again and with it, the big rises in the water level have started to seen a halt with the river now dropping nicely. This cheers us up!

We wish to all the successful season 2014!



Nikolay and Simon