Rynda week 23 ending 3rd of June 2016

Posted on 11/06/2016

Rynda season 2016 is opened!

The first week started in the low water conditions. Therefore fishing was comfortable in most of the pools below the First Fall. Upriver is still too high.

In a very first day we landed 5 first salmon ranging 12 to 22 pounds. Two of them from the Home pool were sealiced. Early start for Rynda!


The weather was unusually pleasant for the early arctic spring. The air temperature sometimes reached 15C in the morning, and the water temperature stayed stable around 8C.


A great start to the Rynda season only got better on the 2nd day with a wonderful fish for our good friend Ivan, a regular visitor to ASR and Rynda.


With a take that gave no initial indication of the wonderful fish that would come to the net 45 min. later Ivan with his guide Yura landed a magnificent sealiced 28.5 pound fish at Rock Island.

At the dinner table Ivan was awarded with the commemorative Big Fish Ring.

Congrats, Ivan!



We tried to fish Zolotaya couple of times but didn’t manage to find a fresh run yet.

Every evening after dinner our team escaped from the camp to fish Rock Island and Home Pool. Sometimes they came back with a good catch.


Sinking lines, Willy Gun and Snelda were common at the first week.


Having the low water and the promising start, we are excited of what next spring weeks might bring!


Rynda team