Rynda Fishing Week 23 – 2013

Posted on 07/06/2013

It is always very exciting to come back to the camp after a long dark winter and to see again the deep full-flowing Rynda river. It is a real joy to feel the fresh spring air and feast eyes on the awaking tundra. Here you may feel the contentedness which is so hard to achieve in the hectic city life.

This winter was quite severe and snowy and like during the last years spring has quickly come around. This year May was pretty warm and several days reminded us at a Mediterranean resort with temperatures of + 32 C. It is good weather conditions for snow melting especially on the upper Rynda. The water temperature on June, 1st was + 9 C. The water level started falling and it opened great opportunities for fishing down the river, below the 1st waterfall.   We are so glad that there are the same professional and faithful guides and staff in the camp as they were before.

The first guests, the lovers for an extreme spring fishing, were so amazed with already green tundra, burning sun and quite low level of water by their arrival to Rynda camp.   A small party arrived but had eager eyes and after a brief instruction and light lunch they went to fish.

Just after an hour we got the news about the first salmon caught this season. Simon Hughes, our long-time friend, got it! He was fishing on the left side of the Sea Pool, where a sink tip with black and red fly tied on the tube worked without a major hitch. A 24-pound salmon demonstrated all its power by several flashing jumps, taking 150 meters of backing and after all was successfully netted.   The supper went in a thrilling and inspiring atmosphere. Everybody was so impressed by the first results.

According to our expectations all fishing mostly took place down the first waterfall. As a result of quite hard fishing nobody has zero points.

We used intermediate lines and flies, tied on the plastic and copper tubes. The most effective flies were the Green Highlander, Willie Gunn and Cascade flies. The second part of the week was very interesting, Simon decided to try the hitch Sunray Shadow and during several hours he had seen 4 great takes, however, after a long fight all fish had come off. But nevertheless Simon didn’t get upset. Fishing with a surface fly is probably the most exciting show that happens in salmon fishing. From time to time we have tried to fish in the middle of Rynda river, but it remained big water for much of the week.

All week the water level was falling down, and by the end it was already up to 10 C, that is a pretty promising indicator. We do hope that the weather is changing and it will be as it should be at this time of season. There should not be water temperature raising in spring on the coast. Besides the fishing this week we did enjoy spending wonderful times in a friendly atmosphere talking to interesting people at the traditionally delicious served suppers