Rynda Fishing Reports 2006

Posted on 30/09/2006

The Rynda Report – Week 24, Wednesday, 21-Jun-06:


On Thursday, 15-Jun-06, the river came alive with the first respectable run of beautiful fresh salmon. In the last two seasons this has happened 5/6 days earlier. The last time the run began as late as this was in 2003 and it turned out to be our best season. At time of writing fresh fish are running as well as ever and we are rapidly catching up on numbers. There is every reason to expect a very good times ahead.

Last week the river dropped at an even rate and the water temperature rose every day from 4.9C to 8.0C in the morning. Of course we caught a few fresh fish all week with many Osenka’s but on Thursday and Friday landed 12 sea liced fish. By the way the water is 13C today.

Despite the late run the house party last week was great fun and we were all delighted to have our sportsmanship tested and rewarded albeit late in the week.

Special thanks go to Way who has opened the Rynda season with us for six seasons on the trot. His spectacular casting skill is an inspiration to us all and most certainly to his partner John, also from Seattle, who landed the best fish of the week at 26 lbs taken on the left bank of lower 10 Islands just above the twin rocks. It was his personal best and we all enjoyed the deep satisfaction and happiness he took from his success. This year Way had bad luck with serious fish but his best of 17 lbs was one of the most remarkable taken in the week. Only he, with Per a close second, could have cast off his left shoulder from near the dinghy landing slap onto the first draw on the right bank of lower 10 Islands about 40 yards away to take this fish.

Of course as Per taught us the thing to do at this time of the year is to work just above the top of Grand Rapids and hook a serious fish about two hours after high tide. One evening, contemplating wonderful news from Simon about his ‘guru’ and old friend, ‘Yours Truly’ was doing just this when the most enormous fish took hold literally into the fast water off the left bank. For a good ten minutes this great salmon cruised about the Croy area almost unconcerned and then dashed off for the rapids. Per if only this old fool had stood his ground and waited for the fish to settle but he is ashamed to admit panic made him run and of course Poacher’s Rock did him in.

Peter D-W and Nigel had a merry week together with fine luncheons on the river bank combined with serious attention to their fishing. We are still trying to figure out how Peter managed to get onto Per’s stone whilst it was covered with water. Maybe he floated there – he is not saying. Anyway he got his 20 pounder and Nigel landed a magnificent 23 lbs fish. Dominic, another new member, also had his 20 pounder which you see here being carefully weighed. As usually Simon and Tony worked hard and explored the far reaches. Simon amazingly lost a fresh fish in Twin Slabs which must have been worth two or three lower down and Tony opened the Zolotaya on 13-Jun-06 with a sea liced fish of 16 lbs out of Long Pool. This was followed by Jonathan with his 14 lbs fish from Russian pool and the good set of photographs to go with it. Sadly there is only room for these two.

We will try to get a report out earlier for this week but let us just say some serious action if taking place at this moment. How about a 45 lbs plus monster lost in Sea Pool after a serious fight!

The Rynda Report – Opening Days: Tuesday, 13-Jun-06

Last season the spring fishers “never had it so good”. This year things are a little different. We were pleased to see a lot more snow from the helicopter on the way from MMK but concerned by the frozen lakes. The Rynda water basin is 23% lakes and until the ice has melted the river water temperature is held down well below the sea temperature which will be 4/5C. Sure enough on our arrival on Saturday, 3-Jun-06 the home pool registered only 1.8C with height of water sufficient to cover all of Rock Island and fishable water alongside the sauna. Since then air temperature has hovered around 7C for the first 9 days allowing a slow ice melt and a steady rise in water temperature. Even the Kelts and Osenka’s have been slow in becoming active because of the cold conditions and a limited number of fresh fish to stir them up.

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Undaunted (pun unintended) the first party worked hard all week and made the best of a difficult situation. We landed 8 fish without sea lice many of which would have been Osenka’s. However Ronald of Helmsdale fame came up with the first sea liced fish of 22 lbs taken in Sea Pool at the end of the week. We were all delighted for him because it was his personal best. Lawrie arranged for him to be presented with a “Guidelines” rod for best fish of the week. The second memorable moment was achieved by his great friend, and our very own Gordon, who had an exciting encounter with a serious fish hooked in the tail of the Croy. Unfortunately the fish decided to return down Great Rapids to Sea Pool and was lost after the line had cut into Gordon’s fingers and then broken around the rocks resulting on Doc Yury’s first casualty. Not withstanding the difficult conditions it was a great fun week with Lawrie of the Yokanga and his friends Percy, Roger and Dave, Alex & Graham from Scotland and, of course, Way our casting champion from the US West coast with his delightful friend John both of whom are here for two weeks.

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Into our second week the going is still slow. All this may be good news for those of you coming in the next few weeks but it has been really tough fishing for our intrepid spring anglers. The first three days have been cold and windy. Peter D-W landed another fresh fish and there have been two more Osenka’s. Way managed to hook 8 kelts yesterday. This morning, Tuesday, 13-Jun-06, after 11 days, the air temperature has finally moved above 12C with a south wind and the water is 5.3C so there is a good chance fish will enter the river in numbers. We all know the Kola is fishing well, Kharlovka is now into the fish and everything is a week late. Rynda is always a week behind Kharlovka because of the lakes. Compare this report with last season. Today we took 16 fresh fish, the water temperature was 10C and we were fishing from Iron Gate down.

Any moment now the fresh fish will arrive in numbers and all of here are looking forward to a good season.

PS: Yesterday Kharlovka landed 17 fish with an average weight of 19 lbs. It could be a late but great season!