Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29B – 2013

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29B – 2013

Posted on 19/07/2013

Running Pool & Pina. Group Leader: André Brun



trout2013-w29b-03We worked hard and got paid. Are Wivestad managed 6 huge brown trouts one of the days.

trout2013-w29b-04Atle Gjertsen fished hard, and got some very nice ones during the week.

trout2013-w29b-05Andre Brun. Late night gathering in the camp. Are, Atle and Jan.

trout2013-w29b-07Andre Brun. A huge brown has taken Jan’s fly.

trout2013-w29b-08Jan Haukaas. This is one of the browns he caught here. Not Jan’s biggest fish, but one of the best photos. Jan caught several bigger. A very good flyfisher.

trout2013-w29b-09AndreBrun. A large brown trout has been landed. God on you mate! Jan and Geir.

trout2013-w29b-10AndreBrun. Andre is pushing the limits, and Sverre is ready to net the big brown!

trout2013-w29b-11Andre_Brun. 3.1 kg.


Jan and André

trout2013-w29b-12Sverre Foldal. Sverre shows how to fool a big brown down in the riffles.

trout2013-w29b-13trout2013-w29b-14Andre Brun. His favourite stretch became “Svingen”. And we all agree, I think – that was a nice and difficult place for the big browns. And ‘difficult’ was a thing we all appreciated.

Andre Brun. Cheers, mate! F.L: Sverre, Jan, Atle & Are.

trout2013-w29b-16Andre Brun – Igor. André and Igor.

trout2013-w29b-17Andre Brun – Igor. Igor is cooking some good meat for us. Planned gathering at 23.00 this night. Excellent dinner every day.

trout2013-w29b-18: P Geir. Igor forced me to draw a Mayfly on every one of his big blue boxes. – Ok, I’ll do that if you promise to join me next year, Igor.

trout2013-w29b-19Andre Brun. Having a good time! I have travelled many places, first time here at the Kola Penninsula in 1997 and 2001, but this is the best trip ever! And the best gang ever!

trout2013-w29b-20Andre Brun Grouse. As a hunter aswell, it was nice to see the abundance of grouse. 5-6 chickens is a mediocre+ spring result. Very nice to see. You see the yearling on top of the stone, and the mother in between the stones.

trout2013-w29b-21Andre Brun. Get ready! Cover our gear! The heli is on it’s way.

trout2013-w29b-22Andre Brun. Are and Atle is ready for a journey into the wild. Are, to the left, is an experienced hunter and climber aswell, so Himalaya climbing and West Coast Deer hunting is a part of his everyday. Now, Kola Brown Trout.

trout2013-w29b-23Andre Brun. During an hour heli-flight all in all, we passed so many of these no-fished waters, that it made us all wanting to spend a decade here, investigating the waters… ;-)

trout2013-w29b-24Andre Brun. And when the helicopter sound faded in the horizon, it was all us and the…




…Silence, big trout… undisturbed waters, silence, big trout… – The last wilderness in Europe.