Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29A – 2013

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29A – 2013

Posted on 19/07/2013

Oset Kharlovka, First Knee Litza

trout2013-w29a-01From left: Geir Åge Amundsen, Fredrik Fredriksen, Arve Lindberg, Tor Erik Aasen, Narve Nilsen

The picture was taken by Gena, our tremendous guide and chef.

Total catch this week was 127 included two salmon. They both rised to a streaking Caddis, dead drift.

The week gave us many big trouts topped with a great one at 5,1 kg, then 4,6, 4,0 and 6 trouts between 3 and 3,6kg.

trout2013-w29a-02Narve with his 6 kg salmon

trout2013-w29a-03Fredrik got a nice 2,2 kg. We had not the camera by hand when he got his 4,6 kg which gave him a run for life.

trout2013-w29a-04After a long fight, Narve got his 4 kg personal best in Kola rivers

trout2013-w29a-05This 2,7 kg beauty took a cdc Caddie. Tor Erik also got a salmon weiging 5,6 kg on a streaking Caddis.

trout2013-w29a-06Geir Åge damaged his camera when playing his 5,1, this one is just a baby, 2,3 kg

trout2013-w29a-07This one 3,5 kg had a streaking Caddis for lunsj. A streamer with 0,7 meter leader was released from his mouth. Arve is very satisfied!

trout2013-w29a-08Tor Erik with his 5,6 kg Salmon.


We got visitors the last night. Two bears came towards the camp and stopped just about 110 meters from our tents.

Despite low water and various weather conditions, we had a wonderful week, and a great number of trout above 2 kg came onshore.

There were a small number of hatching, so we did a lot of blind fishing and also had to go below the surface with streamers.

Arve Lindberg, Group leader