Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 1B – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 1B – 2016

Posted on 17/07/2016

Scones and Dream Litza

Group picture

Members of the group were Ståle Jacobsen, Kristian Walhovd Andersen, Erik Sørum, Rasmus Bonsak Løvbrøtte, Kristoffer Steen Kristiansen and Tor Ola Dehli. We were all first timers on Kola, and most of the guys were quite inexperienced to river fishing. Their personal records were from 450 grams to 1,1 kg, so some new records should be possible. Kola fulfilled all our dreams, and all the guys caught fish over 2,4 kg on dry flies.

PB Ståle

Kristoffer fighting fish

PB Rasmus

First 3 days in Scones we had some strong winds, but also some nice periods with good conditions. Water level was good, but the hatches were sadly over. Still enough rising fish for us to have fun, and some big caddis and Klinkhammer proved deadly. The fish were easy to catch, and in good condition. Biggest one was the beautiful fish of 4,9 kg and 70 cm caught on a Tjernobyl Ant by Ståle.

3,1 Tor Ola

Midnight sun

PB Erik

In Dream Litza we found the sun, temperatures during the day of 25-30 degrees, which influenced the fishing during the day. We caught some fish the first day, but after that we saw very few fish rising during the day. Luckily the night fishing was superb, with enormous amounts of Eurivillie spinners. The fish was not tricky at all, and most of the time they took the fly on the first cast. Kilometer after kilometer with the best dry fly river you can wish for. The fish was slightly smaller in average than in Scones, but still a few 3+ fish was caught.


PB Kristian

The group caught 83 fish over 1 kg and 8 were over 3 kg. The biggest one 4,9 kg. Only 6-7 fish caught on streamers, the rest on dries to rising fish.

PB Kristoffer

We will be back next year.
Group leader Tor Ola Dehli