Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 33b – 2015

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 33b – 2015

Posted on 09/09/2015

First Knee, Running

Our week started in the usual fashion; with the flight to Kirkenes, after which a minibus took us the rest of the way to Murmansk where we stayed the night, as is custom to these trips.
We were happily surprised to learn that the last leg of our journey to Rynda camp from the airport in Murmansk was to be by helicopter and not by minibus.

The weather forecast for our week was not at all promising – just as dreary as it had been all summer, so we were prepared for a wet week.



As soon as we had settled in at the camp, it didn’t take long before the first cast attempts were made and we didn’t have to wait for long before the first fish was caught. The fishing conditions at this camp are ideal.

IMG 11


Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of hatching going on at this time and no risings were to be seen. For the most dedicated dryfly fishers in our group the way forward was to abandon their first choice and resort to streamers in order to obtain any form of contact with the trout.

We soon learnt that as the fish weren’t interested in coming up to the surface in search of food, we would have to change our initial plans and tempt the trout in deeper water.
Despite the dreary weather with fog and occasional rains, the trout were more than interested in our streamers. We were also fortunate enough to spot three wolverines in the camp area on one of the first nights there.


From left:
Bjørn Morten Høvren Grothe, Tor Erik Aasen, Ole Gjermundshaug, Arve Lindberg, Narve Nilsen


The lucky pack with superchef Igor !

We moved camp on the Tuesday. It was a beautiful summers day. Our move was to Pina, and not Running which was the original plan. We were very optimistic and our gear was rigged and up and running in no time, giving all participants the opportunity to try their luck with dryfly fishing during the course of the evening, accompanied by mosquitos and gnats. A few, fine-looking trouts were landed as well.

IMG 10

On Wednesday the weather changed again and through the course of the day the wind was too strong to cope with. Strong winds continued on the Thursday and Friday, giving us few chances of getting any fishing done at all. Fortunately, Igor made his outstanding beetroot soup which we enjoyed along with a considerable amount of Vodka. Eventually, this left us with a much very positive onlook to our situation and the possibility of landing more trout. Our fishing continued using streamers.
However, Tor Erik, our ever so keen dryfly fisher, did manage to defy the challenging weather and fishing conditions and caught a considerable number of trouts using his dryflies.





We were extremely happy to have caught 105 trouts over the 1 kilo mark, despite challenging fishing conditions.

Our biggest catches weighed in at 4,3 and 4,2 kilos, besides these two big ones, we caught a considerable amount of trout over 2,5 kilos. Thanks to our fantastic cook and good friend, Igor, who did everything he possibly could for us to be able to experience yet another memorable week on the tundra.

Arve Lindberg
Group Leader