Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 28D – 2014

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 28D – 2014

Posted on 12/07/2014

Group members: Henning Haugen, Leif Johansen, Bjørn Uno Østli, Otto Werner Eilertsen, Helge Antonsen (gruppeleder).

We had a great week at the tundra. The weather has been kind to us, the temperature of the river rose from 7 to 13 degrees in the first two days. It was exciting to try a new destination. It is more than 10 km of river to go fishing in, from the end of Kharlovka Lake and down to the next lake.

picture 1

Desinifisering of equipment in Rynda.

picture 2

Camp was rigged approximately 4 km downstream from Kharlovka Lake.

picture 3

The river has little falls between these lakes. It consists of several long slow flowting sections. Here were also some pike, Leif caught several in the 2 kilo class.

picture 4

We have walked and fished our way through most of the stretch of this river. In many places it is dense bush which also hangs out over the river.

picture 5

picture 6

Lunch by the river.

picture 7

The remains of a former camp, and even oilcloth on the table and stools ☺ Two of these along the river.


Leif with a nice trout.

picture 9

The group’s youngest and most fresh fly fisher man at his first time to Kola cauht the group’s 4.0 kg. Congratulations Henning.

picture 10

Fresh tracks right by the camp.

picture 11

There have been people here before us.

picture 12

Fantastic midnight sun, the full moon was up at the same time.

picture 13

From left:  Wasilli, Helge, Otto, Bjørn Uno, Henning og Leif.   We had a great week, even though we did not hit completely with hatchings. Most of us have set new personal records. Overall it was taken 35 trouts with a weight over 1 kg, the week’s  biggest was 4.0 kg. followed by 3.9 and 3.45 kg. Credit to Kharlovka Company who brought us to these rivers, great service and organization.

Hope to be back next summer ☺   Helge Antonsen