Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 32B – 2014

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 32B – 2014

Posted on 20/08/2014

First Knee Litza and Wulfs Lear Kharlovka.

Back from another fantastic trip on the Russian tundra with a seasoned team of eager flyfishermen.  We were all well prepared and thought we would know exactly what to expect. But ‘Tundra is Tundra’ and anything can happen☺

Our group consisted of from the top left: Roy Refsnes, Espen Klaesson, Per Martin Johansen, Eivind Hagen (Group Leader), Helge Olsen, Igor and Per Klaesson:

Photo 1 - Selfie

We started in First Knee Litza and we got immediately a friendly reminder that we are in the wilderness when a bear ran off just a few hundred meters from camp while the helicopter went in for landing. An exciting start of our adventure to come.

We arrived to near perfect conditions with normal water level and river temperature of around 17 degrees. We couldn’t wait to start exploring and rigged camp and rods in a hurry.  That evening we were surprised to only catch tiny trout’s in the 0,1 – 0,2 kilo range. I was a bit worried and it was nothing near what we were expecting. That night Per, Espen and Helge went downstream to search for larger trout’s and the next morning they brought good news having caught several large trout’s. The next day me, Roy and Per Martin went downstream and caught 16 large trout’s.

Photo 2 - First Knee (First Knee)

The rest of the stay in Litza we ending up walking downstream to the lower pools, which held large trout. We also tried to fish in the lake and got a few chars in the 5-700 gram range. In the end we got 50 trout’s in Litza with an average of 1.9 kilo, the biggest being 3.5 kilo.

Here is Per with his new personal best and Litza’s biggest, a 3.4 kilo trout in First Knee Litza downstream from home pool:

Photo 3 - Per

On Tuesday we were picked up and went to Wulf’s Lear, and we were all exciting to see the upper Kharlovka again. We came to Mediterranean conditions with 28 degrees in the air and light breeze from the southwest. The water level was perfect but 20 degrees in the water worried us a bit. We had a good evening session with 8 trout’s up to 4 kilo. It was hard work moving around in bushy Wulf’s Lear in these warm weather conditions but I was well impressed with the energy and the enthusiasm of our team, which also chose only to wear t-shirts – a treat to the Russian mosquitos☺

Helge with a nice Kharlovka trout:

Photo 4 - Helge

On the second day in Wulf’s we caught 22 fish over 1 kilo whereas Per Martin had a fantastic session in one of the tails upstream camp with 3 huge trout’s on 3, 3.8 and 5.5 kilo, all on dry fly! This paved the way forward for utterly optimism on catching more trophy trout’s in Kharlovka.

Great to arrive camp after a long day fishing:

Photo 5 - Camp

Per Martin with a nice 4 kilo Kharlovka trout on a 12# Tricaddis, his new personal best at that point in time (before he got the 5,5 kilo).

Photo 6 - PerMartin

Espen with a nice 2,8 kilo Kharlovka trout:

Photo 7 - Espen

Roy with a nice 2,8 kilo Kharlovka trout:

Photo 8 - Roy

The last couple of nights we got some scattered caddis hatches in some of the pools upstream camp and dead drift swimming pupa’s size 12 did the trick. Me with a nice Kharlovka trout:

Photo 9 - Me

Per Martin release his 5,5 kilo, check the size!

Photo 10 - 55 kilo

We managed to get 58 trouts in Kharlovka so in summary we got a total number of 108 fish, 10 of them larger than 3 kilo, 61 more than 2 kilo and the biggest fish were 5,5 kg!

Many thanks to our good friend Igor who were managing the camp with style, made fantastic food and gave excellent Tundra advice!

Photo 11 - Cloudberry

Can’t wait to next time!

Tight Lines,