Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 31c – 2015

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 31c – 2015

Posted on 11/08/2015

Groupmembers: Oddbjørn Hyttedalen, Eivind Vale, Marius Warnken, Frans Rensfeldt and Tom Ivar Gullseth.
Masterchef/Guide: Igor Zhuzhev.
Groupleader: Helge Ringhus.

trout week 31c - 08

After a normal journey from Oslo, Kirkenes and Murmansk, we arrived safely as always with the helicopter at Pina river. The camp was nice and the weather was promising.

The camp was established very fast, and the fishing equipment was polished and ready for action.
We had 2 “rookies” in the group and they were eager and excited how the fishing was going to be. Already the first night rookie nr.1, Eivind manage to land 2 nice “Brownies” 2,1 and 2,9 kg. New P.B!

trout week 31c - 01

The other “rookie”, Oddbjørn got his first fish the day after. With a beautiful fish at 2,5 kg also new P.B, he arrived the camp that night with a big smile.

trout week 31c - 06

I seem to remember that the party was good that night! ☺

Our new Sweedish friend, Frans had been to Pina before, and had some good days fishing. His knowledge about the river was useful for all of us. He ended up with a large amount of nice “Brownies”.

trout week 31c - 02

In all of my previous trips to Kola Marius have been a great groupmember. He knows a lot about the fishing out here, and he always seems to end up with the largest fish. But this time he was beaten by Tom Ivar, even though he landed a 3,2 kg fish the first day.

trout week 31c - 10

Already the first day Tom Ivar set the pace with 11 trouts. All though he catch a lot, they seems very small ☺. But after 3 days, we heard some strange sounds upstream, and he landed a beautiful “Brownie” at 3,6 kg. That`s his new P.B. He had a awesome week with 29 fish, and seem to crack some codes with tiny sedges in # 16 – 12.

trout week 31c - 10

As for myself, the week was also very good. I ended up with 20 fish, with 3,0 and 3,1 kg as the biggest. Those were fish nr 8 and 9 after a day when I lost the 7 first. That’s Kola, but it ended well that day.

trout week 31c - 07

The troutfishing at the Russian tundra is certainly some of the best on this planet. And as a bonus the wildlife and the natural experience is breathtaking.
Our week at the tundra gave us the opportunity to watch wolverine, reindeers, eagels and a large bear nearby the camp.

trout week 31c - 09

trout week 31c - 03

trout week 31c - 04

And when you have the good company of Masterchef Igor and his good service at the camp, and really nice fishermen, this week turn out to be the best ever.

trout week 31c - 05

Despite almost no hatching, only for small periods, we ended up with 111 fish, with average weight of 2,0 kg.
54 fish above 2 kg, 7 fish above 3 kg, and then all the beautiful trouts between 1,2 and 2,0 kg.
I belive everyone in the group are looking forward to meet again, and for sure come back to this awesome tundralife.
Thanks to Igor for very good camp/food and fishingknowledge.
Thanks to Kai and Kurt back in Norway for giving me this opportunity.
Thanks to Nadya, and Kharlovka Company for well organized fishing.
Thanks to old and new friends for a stunning week in Murmansk and at the Russian tundra.
Hope to see you all next year!

Best regards
Helge Ringhus