Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 31B – 2014

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 31B – 2014

Posted on 02/08/2014

Dream Pool Litza and Big Trout Kharlovka.


From Left: Jan, Magnus, Geir, Per, The Trainee,  Numero uno IGOR, Niklas and Erik.

Just as all previous trips, this began way back,  when Niklas out of context said: Tredje gongen gildt, or,  third time lucky.  And he was right!!

The cold facts: 85 fish with an average stunning weight reaching 2,7kg.

But lets move backwards a bit. After all the necessities done with, like booking, hoping, planning, tying, buying, packing,  traveling and hoping, we arrived at Dream Litza with expectations way above the recommended level.

It took 57 minutes and 23 seconds, before Niklas  decides to raise both the expectations and a fish, weighing in at 4,2 kilos. There was no way back by then, we where on – big time, literally.


Before our first meal in the Lavo, all of us, except Per, ( I’ll get back to him), had landed fish, and no matter the weight, they where all tall. Not so long, but really really tall.

Dream Litza shoved us her generosity the next 3 days, and we repaid her by  praising her soul, shape and boulders. She has have to be created by a fly fisher or the Capo de Trucha Capo.


We all created memories there, and one of mine was when a thought I saw a tiny insignificant rise on the other side of the middle pool’s tail water. Did a cast – nothing, one more – my Spent Spinner size 14 just disappeared without any drama – until I set the hook. My personal best with a good margin, 4,2 kg and 65 cm. I’ve never been so happy to have a trusted McLean Champ at my side. Niklas got her in the net, we measured and praised her. Then we celebrated the true beauty of friendship and fly fishing with good help of Cigars and Single Malt.


Geir is probably the most competent fly fisher I have encountered. During our stay in Litza he caught  no less than 22 trout above 1 kilo, topping it off with a beauty of 3,7 kilo on a Zonker. At Big Trout Geir raised the bar and landed his personell best on the Tundra with a 4,2 kg planke, not to mention he ended up taking almost half of the total for the hole group. Awesome!


Erik, being one of the probie’s, clearly shoved that he has been around a few rivers prior our trip.  With 8 fish weighing staggering 2,4 as an average in Litza, we could hardly wait to see what he could do in Big Trout. I’ll get back to him as well.

Being moved to Kharlovka was a mixed feeling for most of us I think. Part of me wanted to stay, and at the same time curiosity is a powerful force when talking fly fishing, with one exception – maybe: Magnus.

His attitude is quite special. He might be the walking talking definition of Stay Cool.  With the rest of us catching fish, big fish, he just did his thing and told us not to worry. He was confident, really confident that he would beat his personal best from our last trip, and he was right. 3,7 kg.  Being the smallest biggest fish in the group, Magnus ‘ shoulder stayed where they where the hole trip. His only concern was not to be able to empty the beer stack, but he took care of that as well. I salute you and the effect you have on the rest of us Magnus.


Per is a guy who is on, all the time, and always positive. His hope for this trip was a new personal best, which was 1,3 kg. His hopes was delivered quite a few times in Litza, but not with much. His first fish in Kharlovka doubled it; 2,7 kg. His next fish doubled that again. Yes – doubled 2,7!


That’s 5,4 kilo big fat, magnificent trout. . Niklas was there, doing his magic McNeal thing. The only problem except getting it in, was that Per didn’t know if the fish was in the net or not in the end. Niklas’ considerable back was in the way, so I guess the fish didn’t understand why the pressure was still there, even when he had temporarily given up his freedom. Per couldn’t stand it after awhile, not knowing, so when he finally asked and got a yes in replay, he gracefully collapsed.

I’m not exaggerating saying that he struggled not to tell once he met the rest of us that missed the show. When he burst there was salutes and congratulations -  and a touch of  well hidden irritation that none of us had picked it up on his behavior.  We should at least have noticed that his shoulders was down by his knees  and his smile was wider than his “Felleskjøpet” caps. The third and fourth weighing in at 2,2 and 3,9 he wants to go back for some reason.

Erik didn’t miss a step from Dream to Big Trout. He kept catching big fish. In the aftermath Erik claimed he didn’t want to beat Per’s fish, so he picked a beautiful fish weighing 5,2 kg . I won’t say he lost his easy style and control, but pictures never lie. There was a slight difference in his body language from just before, during and after he hooked and landed his fish – by him self. And that’s an achievement alone when you look at the clearly miss-match between the net and the fish!


Since I mention picking a fish, Niklas picked the right one, but also the one that got away. I guess most of you that read this have been there – done that, but maybe not exactly this way:

One adjustment cast and then for real. Perfect! 2,46 meters upstream of the number one boulder, on number one tail water in Litza. The take was brutal and the fish went downstream, fast, really fast. RUN!  He did.

To be honest, not many fly fishermen is, we kind of lost it. His reel sounded in pain, and later on it turned out it was. Niklas managed to stop the fish after a 300 meter run, and then began to apply every trick in the book to get it back up. He did really well, and after an unknown time he had the backing back on the reel. Suddenly he shouts, and I turn around to see him standing with the rod in one hand and the spool in the other. I don’t think even Sophocles could have made it more dramatic. The disc break on his Vanquish had overheated, and unscrewed the nut holding it all together. The monster just smiled, flicked the tail, and that was that.

He did manage to land his share after that, but you know – the one that got away is often the best.

To sum this up is a true pleasure. We caught  26 fish between 1 and 2 kg. 41 between 2 and 3 kg. 12 between 3 and 4. 3 between 4 and 5, and 2 that qualified as big fish  and a pat on the shoulder from our Superb Russian friend Igor. Even if he did only recognize Per and Erik’s fish, he was excellent in everything he did for all of us. Thank you Igor.


I’m pretty sure that I speak for the hole group expressing what an amazing job Kharlovka Company are doing by taking an activ part with conservation and protection of this beautiful area and probably the best trout fishing in the world when it comes to big healty trout in such numbers as we find in this rivers. A special thanks to Nadya for impeccable service.

Jan, Groupleader