Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 31a – 2015

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 31a – 2015

Posted on 12/08/2015

A new year and a new once-in-a-lifetime trip for the group of fly-fishermen (including one newbie). We had great fishing and caught 112 trout larger than 1 kg topping with a trout of 4,7 kg. Again our warmest thanks to Mr. Kola, our guide Luganscky Volodya and the rest at Kharlovka Company and Olga at Pasvikturist.

The group (from left): Martin Olav Moen (Norway), Luganscky Volodya (Russia, our guide), Åsmund Lange (Norway), Steinar Simonsen (Norway – group leader)), Hans Eilif Larsen (Norway), Thor Evensen (Norway) and Alf Sollund (Norway).


Matching the no-hatch
The area in north had a cold summer, and when we arrived at the camp at Dream Kharlovka we had normal water level with temperatures around 12 degrees. The fish was at the normal places and the pools held great number of trouts.
During daytime we only had the occasional rising trout’s. We could however get the trout to take our dries with perfect dead drift. Most of the time we had strong wind blowing upstream making it hard to present the fly correct. The wind flipped the fly upstream and the current dragged the leader downstream resulting in micro-drag with trout refusing the fly. In addition, as all experienced Kola fishermen know the caddis has to land with its nose upstream for the trout to take.
The great caddis pupae challenge




As usual, there were some intense swimming pupae hatches (or rather drifting?) between 22:00 – 01:30. The trout was at these times at a few riffles, and these places held large numbers of trout’s. We have the last years experimented with different pupae and the hit-rate is improving resulting in several caught including a grand 4,2 kg.



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We can only repeat the 2014 advices on pupae fishing and hopeful others can add more knowledge:
• Colour of fly? Same as the natural
• Size of the fly? Same as the natural or smaller
• Rubber or other legs on fly? No
• Floating? Yes, even most pupae’s are taken just below surface. Add foam or snowshoe rabbit hairs.
• Swimming action? No wobbling, in fact most of our was taken dead drift or very slowly retrieved
• Long cast? No, no, no, no. Never cast across more than one stream, as it’s too hard to control the fly.


Kola, the place for trout fishermen

Dream Kharlokva once again turned out to be one of the top places in the world for dry fly fishing the brown trouts. Our thanks to Kahrlovka Company and our excellent guide for once again making the brown trout fishing available.