Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 30b – 2015

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 30b – 2015

Posted on 11/08/2015

By André Brun (group leader)
This year’s group was all good friends who had been here before with me. This year we went to Wulf and First Knee. I knew it would be a perfect bunch of flyfishers together. And it really was.

Here are the hard facts:
- 42 brown trout passing 1 kilo.
- Average size was fantastic 2,2 kilo.
- Biggest one 3,8 kilo.
- Not much insects and rising trouts, but I guess they already had somewhat keyed on the surface, so they were rising regularely to dries anyway.
- Seems that we fell in between the major mayfly period and the major caddis period this time. But the fishing still was splendid!

(Click on the photos to see larger versions)

Photos - 675

From left: Rolf Tollefsen, Jan Haukaas, André Brun (group leader), Jena (chef/camp manager) and Mathias Østlie.

Photos - 666

We rigged a nice camp in Wulf; tents out in the open, and not behind the tree line were the mosquitos rule :-D (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 658

Jan Haukaas with a very nice wild brown trout – as beautiful as he hoped for. (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)

Photos - 662

Mathias Østlie with a beautiful brown trout weighting in at 3,8 kilo. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 677

Rolf Tollefsen with a nice brownie caught in cold and misty weather conditions. (Photo: Jan Haukaas)

Photos - 667

André Brun with a nice brown trout caught at night. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 670

A good tip if the weather is hot, is to use the reflective side of a “fjellduken” over the tent. This way the inside of the tent is kept cool, and you gain 2-3 more hours of sleep in the morning. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 669

During the colder and darker periods of the day, a streamer worked perfectly well. Here’s a streamer from The Norwegian Streamer Series. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 660

Mathias Østlie is playing a strong and very big trout. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 661

Mathias weighting in the same trout. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 657

Jan, Rolf and André are watching as Mathias is fishing over the tail of a pool. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 663

André Brun has just caught a very nice trout.

Photos - 664

Mathias and Jan are heading over to the other side. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 668

Jan with another nice brownie. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 672

An important part of the trip is having a good time together, wether we are fishing or eating late night dinner together. Jena playing the guitar, is always fun. (Photo: André Brun)

Photos - 673

Photo: André Brun

Photos - 674

André Brun


Jan Haukaas

Photos - 665

Mathias Østlie 

Photos - 659

Rolf Tollefsen

Photos - 676