Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29b – 2015

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29b – 2015

Posted on 11/08/2015

We have just come back from an amazing trip to the following camps Big Trout in Kharlovka and Dream Litza. This year my group consisted of almost the same team as last year with good fishing friends from Norway and a new person from Estonia. All considered to be Kola veterans as Andrei from Estonia have been to many of the rivers in Kola before fishing for Salmon. Here is our group from left:, Trond Bentestuen, Øyvind Dahl, Tom Tuskin (Group Leader), Kjetil Johansen, Andrei Gerassimov, Igor (Tundra expert) and Glenn Christensen in front.

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The group arrived in Murmansk as normal on Friday evening with the bus from Kirkenes and we stayed the night at the Meredian hotel preparing for the week on the Tundra. Expectations were high but also we knew that the weather forecast predicted cold, rain and wind, not the best conditions for hatching insects. But as always we were positive and hoped for the best. We arrived safely as always with the Helicopter at our first camp in Dream LItza in cold but dry weather Saturday evening. Not much happening on the river this first evening so we went early to bed hoping for better weather the next day. Sunday morning was cold, windy and some rain. After breakfast, we then went for the river and the different pools after making a plan for this days fishing. Even though it was cold we had a good mayfly hatching with some fish rising in the pools. It was challenging fishing but we managed to get them up to take our mayflies in size 10 and 12. Not many fish were caught this first day but the few we got gave us a hard fight due to cold-water temperature.

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Monday turned up to be even colder and more wet than the day before. With hauling winds and temperature around 5 degrees it was cold. But as we say it there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes! The guys put on some extra wool and hit the streams again. It was difficult conditions again but we managed to get quite a few fish rise to take our attractor flies. During such a day you also appreciate the warm oven in the camp tent to dry clothes and enjoy hot soup prepared from our masterchef Igor.

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Tuesday continued as Monday with very cold weather, so after a late breakfast we did some short hours of fishing before preparing for the move to Big Trout camp in Kharlovka. Litza delivered 35 fish above 1 kg kg which was not so bad taken the conditions into consideration. After a super effective move to Big Trout in clearing weather conditions we had high hopes that weather would change and insects would start to hatch. We sat up camp and made plan to divide in two groups that would fish upstream and downstream. As many of us had been to this camp before there was no need for guiding and Kharlovka delivered as always. My team just love trout fishing (and the fish…) as you can see from the pictures ☺

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The next days were spent upstream and downstream of Home Pool Big Trout . We caught many fish and experienced the wild nature around us. Weather changed and we had a couple of days with really nice Mayfly hatching and also some larger caddis flies. Fish was rising in the pools and also out on the lake. We managed to catch large trouts both on Mayfly and caddis flies. Most fish during the whole week were mostly caught on dry fly. I let the pictures speak for themselves from the last days of fishing on camp Big Trout

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All together we caught a lot of fish during the week, with a total of 111 fish above 1 kg (7 above 3 kg and 57 above 2 kg!!)Conditions almost all week was cold with at times strong wind that might explain why the hatching was not good all week. But all guys were happy and satisfied with the experiences from the week and with fishing. Andrei got a lot of experince from the week being his first time on the trout program traveling with veterans. It is a difference coming from catching a 200 pound Tarpon on fly weeks before and then suddenly go to the Tundra fighting trout in top condition ☺ Due to cold water in the river the fish gave us unforgettable fights like I’ve never experienced before on the the tundra! Amazing!! As always big thank you to Igor, our Boss at campsite and always there to provide excellent service for us! My group really appreciated your service and that you took really good care of us. Thank you to Kharlovka company and the ASR programme that makes it possible for us to visit these rivers at The Kola Peninsula and experience the World’s best dry fly fishing for wild brown trout!

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See you again next year!

On behalf of the group best regards to everyone
Tom Tuskin
Group Leader