Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29c – 2015

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29c – 2015

Posted on 11/08/2015

Members: Otto Werner Eilertsen, Jon Krekling, Odd Stickler, Tormod Hvidsten, Leif Johansen, Helge Antonsen


We arrived at kharlovka lake campsite around 9pm Saturday on the 11th July. The group was very excited to come back to this upper part of Kharlovka river. Helge, Leif and Otto had the pleasure of fishing this part last year while it was the first time at this camp for Jon, Tormod and Odd. This year we decided to move the camp some kilometers upstream and closer to the Kharlovka lake. There are lot of bushes close to the river and this upper part gives more good fishing spots close to the camp.. The weather was cold, around 5 deg Celsius and there was some rain in the air. Not the best conditions for massive hatching of mayflies. Nevertheless there was some rising fish to see and Jon started his week by landing a beautiful trout weighing 4,1 kg at the outlet from Kharlovka lake.


Jon`s biggest 4.1 kg.

The following days we split into three teams of two and two fishing the river from Kharlovka Lake outlet and around 6 kilometer downstream.
There was limited hatching to see this week, but on Thursday when we had more sun and higher temp there was some mayfly hatching and more rising fish. This day was 11 trout’s caught.

On Wednesday Helge and Otto decided that they wanted to check out a little river some kilometers further up along the Kharlovka lake. After a little less than one hour walk we arrived at a beautiful small river. There was a lot of bushes along the river and there was a bit difficult to get the fly out. There was not many trout to spot but Helge caught a small one around 7hg and Otto hooked a 2-3kg trout that decided to go downstream with the result of a broken line and a surprised and disappointed fisherman. At least this proved that there was some big trout’s also in the river.




Otto lost a big trout in this small river…








Total catch of the week was 54 beautiful kharlovka trout’s above 1kg.
4 was between 3-4kg
9 was between 2-3kg .
40 was between 1-2 kg.
The biggest of the week was 4,1 kg.




Tundra toilet 2015



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Helge Antonsen