Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29A – 2014

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29A – 2014

Posted on 29/07/2014


The week of the dryfly

We headed for Mystic and Dream K. this year, and the expectations were high! It was a late spring, and a lot of snow up north this year, so we assumed that week 29 would be just about perfect for dry fly activity. And we were right.

- 79 brown trouts passing 1 kilo
- An average weight of almost 2 kilos
- 12 fish between 3 and 3,5 kilos

And almost all of them on dry flies.
Some say Kola is a streamer’s paradise, but it is actually a dry fly paradise. And a wild, untamed and beautiful one, too.


The first approach to the Litza river at the place called Mystic, revealed a bunch of large head & tailers. It was so beautiful that we stood there for a long time and just watched them, and commented the beautiful rises. Here, Rolf Tollefsen (22) took a personal best that first evening. A beautiful fish and a happy flyfisher. (Photo: André Brun)


The scenery and light was so beautiful this day, that I decided to take a lot of photos of the other young flyfisher in the group, Mathias Østlie (21). And what a day! Mathias made 4 personal records during the week, and this was one of the coolest situations; difficult spot on the other side of the river, that made the dryfly strip after just a few seconds. But he managed the situation like a pro. (Photo: André Brun)


And was rewarded with a 3 kilos beautiful wild brown trout. (Photo: André Brun)


Geir Krovoll, a friend of mine who joined me to Kola last year (and is also in for next year) is a really experienced salmon and sea-trout flyfisher, that has taken the brown trout fishing really seriously the past years. (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)


Life’s good! A beautiful trout in the gentle hands of an experienced angler. (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)


Sverre Folldal, an experienced flyfisher who leaves no room for the mere chance. He fished hard, got paid, and clocked in at 3,5 kilos at least a couple of times. His second trip with my group, and a very nice and skilled flyfisher. He has fished mostly in the sea for sea-trout and bass, but his skills are easily converted to brown trout fishing it seems. (Photo: Tom Løkka)


Tom Løkka, I have fished together with on some occations during the years, and when he decided to join the group last winter, I was really thrilled. What a nice guy to spend some days with on the tundra! And at 54 years, he has gained a lot of experience throughout the years. He did really well, and the ‘magical 3,5 kilos’ did appear at least a couple of times, if I remember right. (Photo: Sverre Folldal)


I got lucky myself. Mystic was a dream come through, with all that rising fish. I just had to throw in a couple of hours with some heavy nymphing in between, and wow, what a thrill! (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)


André Brun with a nice brown trout from Mystic. (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)


A trip with the Kharlovka Company brown trout destinations in Eastern Litza and Kharlovka, is a trip of a lifetime. The fishing is great, but the visit to ‘big brown trout city of the world’ is much more than that. You may turn the clock back some decades, and will probably discover what the fishing was like in Norway in the past.


The fishing is great, but I always try to advocate the opportunity to spend time with your fellow anglers. To sacrifice some of your own fishing time, to spend time with your friends, and make some good shots, is time well spent, I think. Fish by numbers on a white paper, is just fish by numbers on a white paper. What counts are the experiences. (Photo: Geir Krovoll)


Did I mention that there were a lot of mosquitos here this week? (Photo: André Brun)


A lot. But the trick is to ignore them, and imagine that they are not there (and some bug spray). (Photo: Tom Løkka)


In my opinion, nothing compares to the brown trout fishing up here on the Tundra. (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)


We made a ‘drink-a-beer-while-playing-a-2-kilos-trout’ last year aswell. The photo is this years contribution to the subject. André Brun. (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)


Heavy nymphing turned out to be extremely effective. (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)


Nymph fishing, André Brun. (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)


Tom Løkka is playing a really nice brown trout in Dream Kharlovka. This week was a week dedicated to dryfly fishing. (Photo: André Brun)


We had so many good moments, that we lost count. Here, Mathias Østlie with a fantastic brown trout. (Photo: André Brun)


A pretty good view to wake up to in the morning. (Photo: André Brun)


All you have to do in the morning, is to head for the main tent, where the Russian chef make a nice breakfast, and talk flyfishing in between. (Photo: André Brun)


There is always room for a beer during the day, between all the fishing. Important to enjoy the moment. André Brun and Mathias Østlie.


One of the days, we experienced a spinner fall like no one had seen before. On of the guys said that:”Today, it is more spinners than mosquitos!”. And that was a fact this day. It was unreal, and the fishing was unreal. (Photo: Rolf Tollefsen)


Rolf has just landed a fish, and the Russian chef joined us a couple of hours, and netted the trout. (Photo: André Brun)


A perfect catch & release. (Photo: André Brun)


One taking a rest, another going for the spent spinners. Tom Løkka and Mathias Østlie as silhouette. (Photo: Geir Krovoll)


Mathias Østlie, Tom Løkka, Rolf Helge Tollefsen, Geir Krovoll, Volodya (camp chef) Sverre Foldal and André Brun (group leader).