Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 28b – 2015

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 28b – 2015

Posted on 01/08/2015

Running and Second Knee, Litza.

This week was a great reunion of friends, fishing the tundra rivers for the second time. Lars-Are Gudmundsen, Bjørn Broen, Ulf Erik Forsbakk, Thomas Gran, Sotirios Boutorlogli and Svein Røbergshagen- we all had great expectations for our second trip together, for the new camps we were going to fish and all the laughter and high spirited evnts of camp life so vividly remembered from last trip. And this week turned out to be even better.

trout week 28b asr 2015

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It all started with a logisticilly perfect operation from Kharlovka Company. Early saturday evening we could wet our flies on the neck of Running on Litza River. Already from the helicopter, we could see fish rising in Home Pool, the biggest rise of course beeing performed by a fleeing duck . But as the helicopter left and the very special tundra feeling of solitude and wilderness settled upon us, we were assured that small mayflies scattered the surface and once again we could enjoy the sight of heads and tails
cruising the smooth glides of Home Pool.

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The first evening brougt several trout,, some safely landed and some lost in fierce battles in white water and stony necks. The hatch of mayflies so warmly greeting us, slowed down and for the rest of the evening we switched to attractors, working the water for likely holding spots. The temperature of the river was 10 degrees C and the water level was perfect. A strong and cold northern wind made for challenging conditions, but for this we were all prepaired. With Igor taking care of food and camp, there was no better place to be.

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Cold and windy conditions prevailed for the rest of the week. Luckily, on one day at Running, we were able to take the boat across the lake, to fish the short piece of river upstream from Running and even Saami Ktchen. The river going into the lake held an amazing number of trout in a small area , possibly searching their way to feed on the steady flow of mayflies entering the lake. We fished this short piece of water a second time the next day, passing the windy lake by walking, and even then the fishing was outstanding.

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We had great days and nights at Running, covering rising trout to at least four species of mayflies during the daytime and seeking shelter from the brisk north wind by fishing streamers and attractors at night. When we left Running at tuesday, there was still more to be done at this marvellous part of Litza, but we knew that at Second Knee the pools would be bigger, and there would be even more water to cover. It turned out that the good fishing at Second was confined to smaller areas of this vast river bed. Of course the area just downstream of camp was again a reliable source of good sized fish , and also the shallow areas of gravel bottom way upstream.

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The mayflies were still hatching, but the trout seemed to ignore them, except for certain spots on the river and it all involved more walking to find these spots. What a nice way to explore this area, making long walks on the tundra, in the attempt to find a honey jar, just like the male bear encountered by Bjørn and Ulf Erik on their way to the well known char lake opposite of camp one night. The bear was taking care of two cubs and they were all running out of sight within a few seconds. On the last night we all got the chance to se a live bear when Igor spotted a big one approaching camp. Obviously the bear came from the direction of the wind and it run away at the first glance of seven big eyed fishermen. To us, it was an experience of a lifetime.

as trout fishing 2015

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Only to a certain extent were we into numbers, as there is far more than big trout that marks a tundra experience. We caught approximately the same amount of fish on both camps. We landed 89 trout, the biggest 3,9 kilo. A big thanks to Igor. He adds sincere and great value to any tundra trip. The group will be back in 2016.

Svein Røbergshagen, group leader