Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29B – 2014

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 29B – 2014

Posted on 05/08/2014

First Knee – Wulfs. It is the end of July and I am writing the report about our week on the tundra. It is good to let all the impressions sink in before writing the report.


We heard fishing in Liza was slow but Kharlovka delivered. Rumors about monster trout in Scones and trout bonanza in Big Trout. The group this year consisted of 3 how had never been to Kola before and two with tundra experience. Since spring this year was late it looked really good for our week.

The Group


From left: Igor(Chef),Ivan,Rune,Joakim,Atle,Espen and Kjetil (group leader)

As always there are surprises waiting. We landed at First Knee and made camp as quickly as possible. Sun, no wind, perfect water level and 16-17 degrees in the river. It looked too good to be true…And it was.


Downstream First Knee – Nice spot

The temperature in the air was about 5-8 degrees and there was no hatching except for mosquitoes. We also had wind from the north all the time. Where was the big ones? We caught only small trout(below one kilo) where the big ones usually stands. We tried nymph,streamers,foam flies,caddis…just about everything in the box. Igor kept our spirit up with good food. We had of course some contact with big fish, but it was few. Espen got a nice 1,5 kilo trout, Ivan got a 2,0 kilo trout and Rune a 1,7 kilo trout. Atle had his magic moment at the lake where he got a 2,5 kilo trout and a 2 kilo char in just 30 minutes. In our group this year we had a Russian flyfisher who also was a casting teacher. What a strike of luck for our group. Ivan quickly pointed out our flaws and started working with them. By the end of the week we were casting like champions. Thank you Ivan for the lessons.


First Knee by night

Tuesday the helicopter came just in time to pick us up before the fog rolled in over First Knee We headed to Wulfs. Conditions were totally different. Water level was perfect (it went down about 20 cm when we were there) and the temperature about 16-17 degrees in the water. Here the trout was present and ready for action. On Wednesday the air temperature vent up dramatically, and we had mayfly and caddis hatches in the day and evening. It was magical and exactly how it should be. The trout started to rise.


Rune with a 2,5 kilo trout – happy


Atle with 4 kilo tundra trout


Trout hugging


Espen With 4,2 kilo muscle


The Captain with a 4 kilo trout


Joakim with one of his 4 kilo trout’s – another trout hugging


The Sage Rod broke when handling a 4 kilo Kola trout


Ivan with a 5,3 kilo trout – taken in home pool


Ivan with his 6,3 kilo trout selfi

In total we got 45 trout over 1 kilo. 7 of them where over 4 kilos. With the biggest at 6,3 kilos. That is amazing. The conditions in Wulfs were good. All of the group members broke their personal record at Wulfs.

What do I remember from this trip? Ivan`s smile and excellent mood, Joakims rod braking session (we pulled the trout in by the leader), The biggest backwater cleaner I have ever seen at 05:00, Ivan’s 30 minutes+ battle with the trout of his life, Igor`s good cooking, his excellent mood and my translator for Ivan, The stamina of the group at First Knee, and of course everyone in Rynda Camp and in Kharlovka Company who truly makes this a tundra adventure.

One last tip: Do not forget to check knots and leaders at regular interval while fishing and tie your flies on strong hooks. The trout on the tundra is brutal.

Until next time! Regards Kjetil Hvarnes