Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 25B – 2014

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 25B – 2014

Posted on 09/07/2014

No guts no glory. If you want to experience the first heavy hatches of mayflies you have to go early. Expectations were high in the group consisting of hard core flyfishermen from norway led by group leader Vegard Paulsen. As we flew est from Rynda camp in bright sunlight our worries grew as more and more snow, and icecoverd lakes appeared on the tundra. After establishing a camp in Swan Litza we measured 8,5 degrees in the water.


Picture: Vårlandsskap


Picture: Hvit rype We needed some serious warm weather. Unfortunately the opposite happened. Strong northerly winds, rain sleet and snow, and the water temperature dropped to 5 degrees. Hard work was needed to cath trout. This was certain.


Picture: Snøtelt Despite the extreme conditions we manage to catch 8 trouts, saw some stoneflies and mosquito hatches; even some small caddies showed.


Picture: Vegard Paulsen


Picture: Take

The area appeared pristine and untouched and this was highly appreciated. We left it the same for next time… Hope to be back next year and, then hopefully the spring has arrived as it normally should. Thanks to Igor for feeding us well and helping us to keep the spirit up. Some good Russian vodka and card games also helped us through a couple of rough and stormy days.