Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 25A – 2014

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 25A – 2014

Posted on 09/07/2014

Canoe group - Scones Kharlovka.

Week 25_001

Late Spring

A late spring and reports of double the amount of the average snow level made us a bit pesimistic ahead of our trip. We knew that week 25 was a gamble, but out of the 10 times I had visited the area in week 26 most of the week 25s would have been good. The water level of the Kharlovka was very high, but the water was clear and the temperature in the water a little bit above 10C. Most of the birch trees were green or starting to get green so we got a bit more optimistic. On Sunday we had a nice temperature, saw a few small caddis hatching, and caught a couple of fish above 1kg (one of them on a dry fly).

Week 25_002

Scones camp

On Monday the wind increased and the temperature dropped, then the rain started. The rest of the week brought rain, sleet, strong winds (up to about 15m/s, 50km/t) and lousy fishing. We did not fish much, actually almost not at all, because of the conditions. Our plan to canoe to Dream Kharlovka was cancelled because of the wind.

Week 25_003

 making breakfast in the snow

The total number of fish above 1 kg was only two. During our week the temp in the river dropped to 8C. Still the group was in good spirit and there was no whining. Thanks to everyone for keeping the spirit up, and especially to Kai serving everyone grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee in bed, three days in a row. The next time we are doing a canoe group we will bring a tent/lavvo where the group can sit down and where we can do the cooking. This year we only had the half-tent/tarp. Pål Krogvold group leader

Week 25_004

The 25A Canoe group. Back from the left. Cato, Morten, Pål, Edvard, in the front kai and Arne