Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 9B – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 9B – 2016

Posted on 20/09/2016


The group; Regine Emilie Mathisen, Tom-Arne Isaksen, Erlend Vivelid Nilssen, Marius Hernes, Kurt Magnussen, Volodya, and Morten Pettersen in front (group leader).

Finally our week at Kola Peninsula started and the group was really ready for a trout week! We had Volodya as a camp chief and he gave us excellent service whole week! We started in Pina. The water level was a little bit high than the normal, but not bad at all. We did the camp and started fishing at Saturday evening. Some of us had already big trout in our net just after a couple of minutes. Erlend caught a 2,5 kg trout in home pool and had to run a little bit for netting it.


Marius with a great catch upstream in Pina

None of us had been to Pina before so we had to know the river the first day. We splitted the group and did experience upstream and downstream. We understood quickly where to find the fish and did some really good catches. Kurt landed his biggest trout ever upstream, 3,0 kg on a caddis pupa nymph.


Kurt with his personal best, a Pina trout at 3,0 kg caught at caddis pupa nymph

Tom-Arne, Marius and I walked one hour to Dream Litza and did some good catches. Upstream we had some nice trout in our net. In Pina we caught 16 trout bigger than 1 kilo during the stay, biggest 3,0 kg.


Nice Pina trout caught at caddis pupa nymph

Tuesday we changed camp as scheduled and Swan Isles was our new place. We started one group upstream and one downstream as we did in Pina. In Swan it was higher number of fish from the start. It seems that Swan is a part of Litza that held bigger number of fish late in season.


Erlend with his biggest trout in Swan, 3,6 kg on “Dyret”


Regine with a nice trout caught on dryfly


Me with a 2,9 kilo Swan trout caught at orange Tsjernobyl ant (dead drit)


Tom-Arne with a 3,0 kg trout caught at “Kolakiller”

In Swan we caught 73 trout bigger than 1 kilo, biggest 2 x 3,6 kg. On Thursday Kurt an I went downstream at the other side of camp, and Tom-Arne and Marius went downstream at camp side. When Kurt an I joined our lunch pack, we heard Tom-Arne yelling; “Hi, there are two bear behind you!!” We rose up and could see two young bear about 80 meter far away from us. We started singing and talking and they run away. Nice experience!


Two young brown bear


The bear did footprints in the sand just 40-50 meters away from the tents the first night Movie:

Møte med 2 brunbjørn på Kolahalvøya from Morten Pettersen on Vimeo Under the stay in Swan we caught trout upstream and downstream. We had some caddis and mayfly hatching, but most of all we had to find the fish. I think I just saw 3-4 rising trout during the week.


Tsjernobyl ant trigged the trout in difficult situations.


When it was no wind we could catch trout at “dady longlegs”

Under different conditions (wind, rain and sun) we got most of the fish at dady longleg, Tsjernobyl ant (orange and tan color), Madam X, Caddis pupa nymph, “Dyret”, streaking caddis and Kolakiller.


Totally we caught
89 trout over 1 kilo with average of 1,93 kg.
49 trout between 1-2 kilo
35 trout between 2-3 kilo
5 trout between 3-4 kilo.
The bus and helicopter logistic, food, beer, tents, boats, camp chief (Volodya) and fishing was excellent as usual!

In Peace – Kola Peninsula (trailer) from Morten Pettersen on Vimeo.

Thanks for everything ☺
Morten Pettersen