Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 6B – 2017

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 6B – 2017

Posted on 19/08/2017

A few weeks are gone since we returned from our trip. Just today I was packing the last stuff away, also my day pack. Opened it in order to check if all things are taken out, but no…there is one small, but clear hint where we have been (I’m sure everybody who has had the privilege of fishing the Kharlovka and Litza headwaters has enjoyed fair amounts of these bars)…


No doubt – the Russian tundra of the ASR has seen us again ☺

So in 2017 we planned to revisit the Kharlovka and Litza rivers. After bringing a few clients in the last year and experiencing great fishing, my group soon was full for 2017 as well. Wulfs and First Knee were our beats. After getting the news about a hard and long winter we were happy that we were travelling 2 weeks later than 2016, end of July. So it all began on July 22nd, when we all met in Murmansk.

We were supposed to leave towards Tumanny around noon, but shortly before leaving Nadya called me advising we have to postone the transfer 3 hours due to fog. We left Murmansk around 5pm, arriving in Tumanny a few hours later. We saw the fog ourselves, and the helicopter did not arrive.


So what to do? Driving all the way back to Murmansk? This was no option and in true and reliable Kharlovka-Style we headed back half an hour later in order to sleep the night in a small hotel in Tumanny. We got food there as well as beer and Vodka, so the mood kept up.


In the next morning the helicopter took us to Rynda camp where we disinfected our gear, and prepared to load the heli with our guide and equipment. The fog was still there though, and it was still too heavy to fly through…so we spent the second night in two Rynda cabins. No fishing, but we had a very comfortable stay. So what do you do with all the time?

You wait (and sleep)…


After that, you wait (and discover funny things).


So it gets boring when you wait (and imagine you were MI-8 pilot)


After many hours of waiting, you get so desparate that you kind of get fully dressed with salmon fly tying material hair extensions ☺


The next day the fog still was still present, so the Kharlovka pilots made a test flight with the small camp Europcopter. They almost flew to Wulfs, as they wanted to be sure we could go. All stuff loaded and soon the MI-8 was approaching the mighty Kharlovka with us. It was amazing to see how the experienced pilot was getting us to our spot safe and sound, and finally we were there – Wulfs!


We quickly put up the tents, and I was directing people to spots before I helped Gena our guide with the camp. Shortly after, I could see fighting a fish. Michael landed quickly which was a massive brown trout – 5kg+!!! Later he confirmed the fish weighed in at 5,2kg. His first fish at the Kharlovka. Mike then was rewarded with Gena’s 5kg-cake.
Also the other guys caught a few fish that night.



The next days we saw the weather turning from cold and cloudy to sunny and very warm.


As usual, the people with the longest hikes were the most succesful, but everybody connected to nice fish. I went out with Mike and to show them some nice tails. We saw some nice fish rising, but these were out of reach. Suddenly I saw another one ahead, but I needed to walk (rather balance) over bushes higher than 3metres, stones and holes on the ground, and of course loads of mosquitos i air temps over 20 degress Celsius. When I reached the bank again, I saw a rock which created a small current line, just a few metres in front of me. I carefully lengthened the casts and on the third drift with a Caddis a massive trout came up and ate the fly. Just a few metres in front of me, I could see every detail. After long runs the fish got tired, he was 63cm long and weighed well over 3kg, it’s proportions were unreal. This fish might not be the biggest I caught, but I will definitely never forget it. I did not fish very much any more that day, and helped Robert with three nice fish for the book on the dry fly.


The next days particulary caught a lot of fantastic fish, and in the end everybody caught wild brown trout over 3kg. The total tally was 41 trout for the book, of which 27 were over 2kg with 12 over 3kg and 3 over 4kg as well the big one with 5,2kg. Amazing trout! A few of them here:




The fishing though is only one aspect of a great trip, right? So what else did we experience?

Gena! His service, soups, stories, guiding, help, music… was just perfect and unmatched. Thank you very much for that, we won’t forget!


That bear we never saw but once smelled, found his sleeping place and his poo on „our“ walk ways (we are sure he was far away when we approached).


The white wine in the tundra which led us to giving nick names to all guys – thanks to Olaf aka and Fritz aka – we will never forget that evening with you.

The short day trip to Big Trout after getting food supplies – thanks to Kharlovka for that service.

Kharlovka Company which spent more than 3 times as much airtime for us and the other group due to weather – we know you did your utmost to provide another experience not to forget, and you succeeded once again!

Last but not least: my group. You all were great company and I can only rephrase Genas words: „you were the best in the world“ (and it’s amazing you all caught fish over 3kg – so I got my cake as group leader as well)!


Thank you very much to all of you for your patience, your attitude and for having so much fun together.
Nastrovia ☺


Christoph aka, Reinhold aka, Olaf aka, Mike aka, Friedrich aka, Robert aka, Carsten aka , group leader.