Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 6B – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 6B – 2016

Posted on 19/09/2016

A great experience and an excellent adventure once again when visiting the Mekka of brown trout fly fishing. Group 6B stayed at Running Litza and Second Knee Litza during 30th – 7th of August.

Our group had very shallow water level and difficult fishing but even then we managed to catch a few. In total for a group of three guys we caught 39 trouts larger than 1 kg. The firsttimer Glenn caught the biggest one on 2,9 kg.
I want to thank Justin for great info regarding camps, water level and conditions prior to the trip, our chef Igor who always makes the greatest food, Nadya for opening up the fly shop at Rynda and the rest at Kharlovka Company.

photo 1

The group (from left): Igor Zhuzhev (Russia, out guide), Glenn Hole (Norway) ), Roger Enger Lie (Norway – group leader) and Anders Dahl Eriksen (Norway). Unfortunately, Paul Procter and Wayne Haselau had to cancel at latest minute.

photo 2

When we arrived, is wasn’t hard to see that the water level was very low. The temperature was around 12 – 15 degrees C in the air and around 15 – 16 C in the water. Not bad conditions for catching trouts. When the late evening came by, some nice ones started to rise on small caddis pupas and spinners. No doubt, the fishing was best at night time from midnight to 04.00 am.

photo 3

Glenn with one beautiful trout. I haven’t seen a more happy guy ever! Cheerio, Glenn. You really earned that one.

photo 4

Anders started out really great and caught a bunch of these great browns. Flies like elk hair caddis, devil bug, muddler minnow and tjernobyl ant were working great.

photo 5

The best spot in Running Litza this week were the neck from the lake upstream campsite and the continuing riffling stream. We had rising fish every night at this spot. Difficult fish but we managed to catch a few of them.

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

New camp, new hopes for the mighty trophy trout. Glenn with his determined mind ready to catch the beast. Second Knee was camp two this year and are normally quite good late in the season.

photo 9

It didn’t take too long before the first beauty were lying in the nets. Glenn was thrilled with this one. Can life be better than this? Probably not..

photo 10

First and Second Knee gives you the real tundra feeling. This is way upstream Second Knee heading for First Knee. Beautiful landscape and a great experience of nature.

photo 11

Just before arriving at the sami cabin close to First Knee, this wolverine appeared just 10 meters from us. He stood there watching with his strong look and angry face. We passed him gently heading upstream. It’s not only the fishing that makes these trips unforgettable, but also the great chance of meeting wild animals like this.

photo 12

Living the good life of the tundra.

photo 13

We decided to up to the char lake 30 mins from the camp at Second Knee. Anders and I caught some really nice chars and a few trouts. We could find rising fish on mayflies size 12/14. The chars were also rising for these but this one took a small Icelandic nymph called Krokurrin.

photo 14

Kola Peninsula – the the greatest place for trout fishermens. Even in real tough conditions there is always possibilities to catch fish at this awesome place. Wilderness, magnificent scenery and one of the worlds greatest brown trout fishing in true synergy.

We will be back.
All the best,
Roger Enger Lie – group leader