Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 6B – 2018

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 6B – 2018

Posted on 25/08/2018

21st – 28th of July.
This year we had the pleasure to visit both camp Dream Litza and Wulfs Lear. Camps I’ve visited with great luck on several other occations. Our expectations were somewhat limited as it was reported of extreme heat, low water levels and high water temperatures. Although we were prepared to do the hard work we needed to despite the difficult conditions.
Overall, we caught 42 fish above 1kg during the week with an average weight of 2kg.
The group (from left):
Nicolay Moe, Andre Mattsson, Luganscky Volodya (Guide), Espen Klaesson (Groupleader), Per Klaesson, Lars Haakon Lunde and Alexander Smerud.

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During the week we experienced what we expected – extreme heat, 30 celsius+ in the air and 20+ in the rivers. The consequence was less fish-activity than we are used to. We noticed the fish hunting our flies once or twice before going quiet for a longer time. Luckily, we also had a few sessions with really high activity with a lot fish landed… and of course released.

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Alexander with a nice Litza trout. 2,8 kg and a personal best, caught on a gurgler downstream Dream Litza camp.
Unfortunately, we did not experience a lot of hatching, and we saw only a few sporadic hatchings of caddis and mayflies. Despite this the trout was often willing to rise on our caddis and skaters.

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2,8 kg Litza trout caught by Per on caddis. (Homepool)

Foto 4

3 kg Kharlovka trout caught by Espen downstream Wulf camp a skater.

This year we had 3 first timers with us. And in addition to the rest of the group they adapted to these extreme conditions we experienced in an exceptionally impressive way. I was aware of that my company was a group of very experienced flyfishers, but the effort they showed each and every day was admirable.

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Nicolay with a fatty from Wulfs Lear. 3 kg caught on Caddis. (Personal Best)

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Andre med turens største på 3,2 kg. Caught on caddis upstream Litza Camp

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Lars Haakon with a beautiful 2,4 kg Kharlovka Trout caught on a skater downstream Wulf Camp. (Personal best)

Overall we once again had an amazing experience of trout-fishing in Litza and Kharlovka. We’re left with loads of good memories, indescribable scenery, beautiful friendship, and last but not least trouts with a condition far beyond the ordinary.
Thank you to my exemplary fellow travel companions, who with their good mood, their extreme fighting spirit, made the journey perfect.

Thank you to Kharlovka Company for their unblemished logistic. And at last thank you to Volodya who contributed with his expertise and extraordinary food.

Hope to be back in 2019!
Espen Klaesson

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Evening at Wulfs Laer

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Litza by night

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Per and Lars Haakon keeping together wathing out for bear.

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Nico drilling a nice fish

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Alex with a beaty from Wulfs Lear

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Another nice one from Andre

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My favorite tale!