Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 6A – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 6A – 2016

Posted on 23/08/2016

Bush Litza and & Scones Kharlovka

From the groups leaving the tundra we learned that the fishing conditions were tough due to the unusual hot weather. When we arrived the temperature returned to more normal levels from the tropical heat during the weeks before. Water temperature were around 15-16C in both Litza and Kharlovka. There were very few insects on the water and almost no rising was observed. Water levels were 30-40 cm lower than during the first weeks.

Originally we were set to go to Oset, but salmon was observed there already in week 2(27) so we were happy to be redirected to Scones instead. The very hot conditions in the previous weeks had made the fish move into pocket water in between rapids so many fish were taken in unusual places. Although the insects we would have liked to see were absent, the small blood sucking “no-see-ums” (knott) were emerging in millions when the wind died. Some of us were struck by severe stomach problems already on Sunday, but we were not able to figure out where it came from. If it was something we had eaten in Murmansk or on the tundra. We kept on fishing almost as normal, but got several insect bites in unplanned places during emergency toilet visits.

Since Scones has more fishing area than Bush we decided to go to Bush first and then to Scones for the second part of the week with somewhat more time than the first part. We took some nice fish at Scones close to the sami cabin, but did not get any of the very large trout we know is there. Our largest trout at 3,7 kg was taken downstream, in the area across the lake.

Four members of the group were newcomers to Kola, but adapted fast to normal Kola fishing habits. Many fish were caught on Chernobyl Ant, but also Goddard’s Sedge, Streaking and the Sømme pupa worked well in spite of no hatching insects. Weather was normal with some rain showers and thunderstorms but the precipitation was not sufficient to raise water levels. Our guide Volodya made good food and offered advice on fishing. Guide trainee Peter also provided good advice and fishing instructions to those with less tundra experience. Altogether we caught 45 trout, largest 3,7 and 3,5 kg which we regarded as satisfactory with the conditions we had. Almost all fish were caught on dry flies.


Kjetil with fish on at Bush


Trygve seconds after losing a big trout


Knut with nice trout


Eilif with nice trout


One of the very few mayflies that hatched after a heavy rain shower


Rain shower approaching


Low water conditions, here at sami cabin in Scones, gave challenging fishing


Holy light over the tundra


From left: Edvard Bergene (group leader), Trygve Midtgaard, Bård Fredrik Linge, Eilif Brodtkorb, Kjetil Thorsen, Knut Sveberg, Volodya (guide), Peter (guide trainee)