Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 5D – 2017

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 5D – 2017

Posted on 06/09/2017

Finally the date for our annual Kola trip was here! I woke up with a smile on my lips, full of expectations. Then I got a message from Aeroflot: “Your flight has been cancelled”. All of a sudden everything felt bad. What would happen now? Well, to make a long story short – we took a later flight to Moscow and with only a few minutes to go, we managed to board the flight to Murmansk!

In Murmansk we waited by the luggage band and saw five, not seven, of our bags turning up. Two of the guys didn’t get their bags. Was our trip ill-fated? What would happen next? Well, my cell phone turned out to not work, and I had promised to tell Nadya at Kharlovka Company when we arrived to Murmansk, so they knew when to pick us up. Of course all telephone numbers was in my phone. Fortunately Nadya called one of the guys when I didn’t answer her calls. But the bags were still missing. We had to leave the airport without them.

After that everything worked out as planned, and when we arrived to Rynda camp the guys could borrow waders, boots, jackets, sleeping bags and everything they needed. Fishing gear was not a problem. We had plenty of extra rods and reels.

The next evening the small helicopter landed by our camp. And there they were – the missing bags! The guys almost kissed the pilot…

When we got to Rynda the weather was almost too good. About 22-23 degrees and blue skies, and that weather lasted until Tuesday. Not a rising fish, not an insect (except from billions of mosquitos). The first evening Ted went down to the lake to see if the trout were there. He didn’t catch any trout, but he caught a 113 cm pike on a big black streamer.



The first day Ted, Tobbe and me took a walk-about to the upper pools, almost by the big Lake Peter. A nice 5 km walk over the flat tundra. There was plenty of water but we managed to catch some nice trout there. On a Skater of course!




Then everything changed. Me and Leif sat and ate our lunch when a cold wind came and swept the good weather away. The temperature got down to 12-15 degrees and clouds filled the sky. And the fish turned crazy! Rising fish everywhere – in the rapids, in the pools and on the smooth water.



All of a sudden everything was just as we wanted it to be. I was so happy the rookies in the group had the opportunity to see this spectacle. As the week proceeded the fishing got better and better, and the guys smiles got wider and wider.




We didn’t catch the biggest trout this time, but several between 2 and 3 kilos and the most of them on a dryfly. We got 64 trout over 1 kilo and almost all of them from Tuesday afternoon to Friday night, so a week that started pretty bad ended up as the week we were hoping for.




When we thought we were going home the fog came rolling over the tundra. The helicopter couldn’t fly, so we got 24 hours late to Murmansk. Our flight left us behind, and we had to find a new one. A little bit expensive, but we got home at last.



The group, from the left: Stefan Biehl, Leif Kindlund, Johan Nygren (group leader) Ted Liljeblad, Tobbe Dahlgren, Victor Sundblad, Gena (field chef, fishing guide, musician, entertainer)

Highlights during the week:
Head & tail-rising trout in the pools. 20 fish or more in the same pool, and the next pool and the next…

Kharlovka Company flying out the guys bags Sunday evening. Good service!
Ted wading far out in the lake in search for the big trout, and hooks a giant pike. When he tried to get back to the shore he didn’t find the right way. It was deep everywhere ant it took him about 20 minutes to get back. The pike? Look at the picture…
Stefan almost stepping on an eagle.

Me catching my first russian char. 2,1 kilo and 59 centimeters on a small PT nymph.
Stefan, Ted and me catching the same trout three different days. Catch & Release works!
Gena playing guitar and singing sad Ukrainian songs.

Photos by the group