Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 5c – 2018

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 5c – 2018

Posted on 01/09/2018

When we left Sweden, the weather was so hot. It had been over 30°C for over two months and we were anticipating some northern cold. Did we get it? Nooo!
We arrived in Pina after travelling for about 36 hours. The feeling when the sound of the helicopter fades out and we’re alone is hard to describe. Freedom! Happiness! Excitement! Expectations! In the group was two rookies and three experienced Kola fishermen. This would absolutely be a week to remember!
And we will absolutely remember it – as the hottest week ever on the tundra. Everyday the temperature reached 30°C and beyond.
We discovered that fishing during daytime was wasted time. The fishing started at about 10 PM and was pretty good during night time. After 5 in the morning the fishing was really challenging, and after noon was siesta time. So, no sleeping at night and no sleeping at day, thanks to heat, sunshine, mosquitos and horse flies. ”When did you sleep?” you ask. The answer is ”We didn’t!”

Well that’s not true. We found some shadow under the few mountain birches there was, and with a foam mat and a mosquito net over our faces we could get a few hours of sleep.
Despite the heat we loved every minute of our stay, as always. When the week was over we had caught about 60 trout over one kilo. A modest result for Kola, but absolutely ok for that weather. When we left, the temperature in the river reached 25°C! Next year we hope for normal weather. You know, freezing cold one minute and tropical heat the next. Normal for Kola…
Sweaty group members was (from left): Gena (chef and guide), Magnus Svensson, Sotirios Botouroglou, Johan Nygren (group leader), Göran Ohlsson, Mårten Bodin och Frans Rensfelt.