Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 5A – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 5A – 2016

Posted on 20/08/2016

Once again a unique brown trout experience for a group of fly-fishermen staying at Swan Isles in Litza during 23 – 30 of July.

We had great and difficult fishing and caught 119 trout larger than 1 kg. Our “newbie” Frank topped the catch with a new personal best of 3,5 kg. Again our warmest thanks to Mr. Kola, our guide Luganscky Volodya and the rest at Kharlovka Company.
Our guide Luganscky proved again to be a very experienced brown trout fisherman, as well as an excellent chef.

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The group (from left): Frank Pedersen (Norway), Hans Eilif Larsen (Norway) ), Åsmund Lange (Norway), Steinar Simonsen (Norway), Luganscky Volodya (Russia, our guide) and Alf Sollund (Norway– group leader). Unfortunately, the permanent member Thor had to cancel at latest minute due to sickness in his family.

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Record low water and very hot conditions
The area had a period of extreme warmth. In fact it was so warm that mammoths un- froze from the tundra to be seen wandering round at nights :-). During the first two days at the lower, camp at Swan Isles, Litza we had 32 degrees in the air and the water temperature held good bathing conditions at 24 degrees C. To top this it was absolutely no wind. The temperature dropped during the week to 14 in air and 12 degrees C in water after 2 days with heavy rain.
We have never seen Litza so low. In fact, we could cross the river almost everywhere. In spite of the heavy rain the river only rise 10 cm 2 days after the rain. There is a large water reservoir to be filled.

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Where we found the trout
Swan Isles can roughly be divided into 1) The necks of upper large lake, 2) the middle part with small streams and Isles, 3) the lower lake with neck and 4) downstream. The amounts of trout varies from year to year between these four sections, and it’s always exiting to see if the trout holds the small streams in 2), This year we found trout at 1), only a few at 2) and 3), and (as usual) many at 4).

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Trout rising to our dry-flies
During the first two days, we fished at night-time’s to survive the warmth, but we discovered that the trout took no better or worse. In addition, how to sleep at daytime in a tent with 32 degrees and scolding sun?
There were very few rising trout’s due to lack of hatches at any time. No pupae shows during night . We could however get the trout to take our dries with perfect dead drift. Sometimes tiny movements of the flies triggered the trout. Again, medium to small caddies’ flies proved a safe bet.
We were worried for the survival of the trout by the hot water, but the kola trout are tough, and we saw no problems for the released trout.

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Kola, the place for trout fishermen

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Litza once again turned out to be one of the top places in the world for dry fly fishing the brown trout. We again thanks Kharlovka Company and our excellent guide for making the brown trout fishing available. We’ll be back.