Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 4D – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 4D – 2016

Posted on 28/08/2016

It’s Friday afternoon in Stockholm, at Arlanda International Airport. Six guys with big bags and wild eyes are entering Terminal 5. It’s time to go to Russia. To the Kola Peninsula. To Rynda River. To the trout. Again.



It’s Johnny, Mathias and Magnus. Three guys who has been with me to Kola before. And there’s Andreas and Stefan, this year’s rookies. Finally it’s me, the group leader. This is my 15th week on the tundra, and I’m as stoked as always.

For the third time I’m bringing a group to the headwaters of Rynda River for a week of trout madness. The area is really far away from our every-day. It’s wild, untouched, solitary and absolutely beautiful. I love it!


The helicopter leaves us right were the river runs into a lake. Upstream we have about 10 km of trout waters before we come to the big lake Lake Peter. Downstream we can walk for hours. And almost everywhere we smell trout.




When we woke up the next morning the tents were like saunas. The sun was shining from a bright blue sky. At the breakfast table we decided to split the group. Some of us wanted to go upstream and some of us wanted to inflate the boat and go over the lake to explore the river downstream. Our chef Vasilij made us lunch packages to bring, and we decided to get together again for dinner at 10 PM. And at last – time for fishing!




The coming days we took turns on the different places to let everyone see as much as possible of the area. We walked pretty long distances to get to the hot pools up by Lake Peter. And the way back to camp was exactly the same distance. When the temperature is around 25 degrees you can imagine the temperature in our waders. I think we took a bath almost every day, with soap, shampoo and deodorant. Never has a group of fly fishermen on the tundra smelled so good!


We had a terrific week, with lots of trout caught. 117 over one kilo for the group. No really big ones this year, but several fish around 60 cm or 3 kg. And almost all of them on a dry fly. Unfortunately there were no hatches at all. Of course we saw both caddis and mayflies, but nothing like the hatches from last year, where the ground seemed to move for all the caddis crawling around there.




The last night a big male bear showed up on the other side of the river, really close to the camp. I guess we had put our tents in his backyard…


Thank you guys for a memorable week. See you again next year.


Photos by the guys.