Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 4C – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 4C – 2016

Posted on 16/08/2016

I have been to the Kola Penninsula 6 times- first time in 1996 – and it gets better and better, much because of the strict rules by Kharlovka, and dedicated flyfishers who visit. I am really proud of being a part of this.

Some fun facts:
Everyone in our group passed the magical 3 kilo brown trout. That is pretty insane, even when it comes to wild trout Kola Penninsula standards. We also had an average size of 2.6 kilos. That is even more insane when it comes to brown trout fishing. I have never heard of an average size like this. Biggest fish, landed by Tor Harald Rysjedal, was 4 kilos. We visited Pina all week, and that has always been my dream destination. Not to catch trout in large numbers, but to experience the small stream and big trout feeling. I visited Pina in 2013 aswell. 2016 was even better. This was just about perfect.


Mathias Østlie, André Brun, Stig Brandvold, Henning Foss Watterud and Tor Harald Rysjedal. Gena, the chef behind us.


Tor Harald with a fantastic 4 kg brown trout.


Stig with one of the many fine trouts he caught this week. A good flyfisher and very nice man.


Henning with a very nice brown trout.


Mathias, a good friend of mine, but only 23 years old, always catch some big trouts.


André and one of the decent ones.


Fishing late nights, and fishing together, makes a good opportunity to shoot some pictures aswell. Mathias Østlie playing a good one here.


Tor Harald Rysjedal – a master chef in Norway as well as internationally, and an eager flyfisher, managed to hit the magical 4 kilo brown trout. And our russian field chef, Gena, served us a well derserved reward, with a burning 4-shaped candle :-)


When you stay at the same spot for a number of days, you learn something from day to day if you are willing to observe. Not much insects these days, but still a lot of learning for all of us.


All of the guys caught trout passing 3 kilos this week. That is amazing even when it comes to Russian standards. So Gena, our chef, suprised us one evening with a cake, with a burning 3-candle.


Sometimes we are lucky, and sometimes we had it coming because of the preparations we did.


A beautiful trout and a very nice situation. Henning Foss Watterud.


Gena is playing his songs – always in minor. After a nice dinner, Gena always did bring his guitar and his sad Russian songs. A chef that really added something extra to the trip. We really enjoyed it. Here, Henning and Gena.


Aftermath :-) Henning has caught a large trout, and as we Norwegians do, selebrate in our own way, just enjoying the stream and the memories of a fine fish.


This is a fantastic photo, of to of my friends.


When playing a good trout, what adds to the situation, is a good friend offering you a beer while playing that particular trout :-) Good friends :-)

André Brun