Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 3B – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 3B – 2016

Posted on 17/09/2016

Group 3B Scones/Dream Litza starting Saturday 9th July 2016


Geir Åge Amundsen (group leader), Tot Erik Aasen, Arve Lindberg, Narve Nilsen, Bjørn Morten Grothe, Lars Gunnar Haug. Gena (camp manager)

After a short delay due to fog, our wait was finally over and we were transported with helicopter into the tundra. As usual, our pulse rose upon arrival at the first camp, ‘’Scones’’, an inviting pearl that hides a large number of big fish. However, Scones proved to be a challenge for some of us this year, due to high water temperatures and lack of hatching. One of the best places for fishing in Scones appeared to be nearby Sami Cabin, a place that resulted in many good catches for several of us. The place revealed a number of large fish, whereas downstream did not give quite the same result for us as it did for groups before. Other reports from people who has visited Scones, one can read this is the place the largest fish has been reeled in.

Gena telling about  hot spots

Gena was a proficient guide, not only giving us a lot of good advices, but also acting as mental support and comfort with his guitar music in the evening for the less lucky.

TE fighting a trout

Tor Erik battling a nice 2kg fish, which no one else reached. Sometimes, one should probably spend the winter perfecting one’s throwing technique so that Tor Erik does not run away with all the catches that are usually out of throwing reach for the rest of us.


Scones, Sami Cabin: As usual Tor Erik landed a real fighter with dry fly.

BM nice trout

Bjørn Morten, exceptionally satisfied, as usual. His legs did not get much rest, which of course gave good results with several fish over 3kg.

After Scones, we travelled to Dream Litza, and the name says it all. At Dream Litza we were all well paid for our efforts, even if there was still a lack of hatching. Several fish over 3kg made the camp to a favorite among all of us. Mention worthy is the great amount of fishing opportunities within short walking distance between each.

NN with a nice trout

Narve, here with one of his smallest catches. After travelling with this man for the 4th time, all that is left to be said is ‘’ never underestimate an old man with a flyrod even without a large arbor reel’’. Just moment later, he caught a fish on 4kg, which is a standard size for him during these travels.

LG with a nice one

Lars Gunnar broke his previous record with 2 fish over 3kg each within short time. He had to celebrate with Aquavit later that evening. We almost got to hear his musical skills, but Gena’s guitar was left alone, all strings intact.

G with a 3,1 kg

Me and a 3,1kg fish after strong influence by Tor Erik to use mouse imitation. Trust me when I say it was the most exciting I have ever tried. When the fish breaks the surface and plows the water, and you see the mouth gaping, it is not easy to hold oneself back until the right moment to aggregate.


Arve was incredibly unlucky with his camera, and his picture are thus sadly lost. This one is from an earlier trip, but Arve was as usual one of those that caught most fish, several over 3kg.

Even if the temperatures was a little high, both on land and in water, we all experienced what we came for, which is an experience unlike any other.
A total of 83 fish were caught, in average 2,1kg each. 11 fish weighed above 3kg and the largest one was 4,0kg.
There was a lot of mosquitos (which we clearly would have survived without), lots of big fish, an astonishing, untouched nature, great fishing buddies and camp manager, mixed weather and even some wildlife. (The wolverine decided to have a peek at us for a little while, as well as a lot of goose). Lastly, we had a good time without our cellphones.
In other words, a successful stay as usual!

the fog

When it was time to leave, the fog reappeared and we had to wait 12-13 hours before the helicopter could bring us back. To kill the time, the lavo was put back up again, some having a snack while waiting, while others decided to take advantage of the remaining time to catch the last fish.

Wating for heli

Having a power nap while waiting for the helicopter to take us back.

We would like to thank Kharlovka Company, which maintains the possibility that we can continue to experience this fantastic adventure. (From left: Tor Erik, Arve, Bjørn Morten, Gena, Geir Åge, Narve, and Lars Gunnar)

Best Regards
Geir Åge Amundsen.