Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 3A – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 3A – 2016

Posted on 15/09/2016

3A Bush Wulff


The group consisted of Christoph Zimmerman, Gunter Foster, Reinhold Geberd, Stefan Jansen, Carsten Dogs and myself Christopher Rownes (Group Leader).

We landed in Bush in very warm weather with the river low and at a very high temparature. We set up camp quick and set out in 3 groups.



Despite the very good weather we saw no hatch and very few fish rising. We quickly realised that BIG floating flies was the way to go. These flies fished dead drift brought up some amazing fish.



We finished in Bush with 50 trout, 28 over 2 kilos and 4 fish over 3 kilos.










The group arrived in Wulf in the best weather the fishing started with a bang with Stephan and my self both catching personal best fish of 3 and 4 kilos.



Very big shout on the home pool when Christoph hooked a massive fish that tore of up the pool taking all his line plus several meters of backing making a tight U turn around a stone and then that sad feeeling when you lose tention.

Later in the tent we all realised that these are serious fish and we need to use even stronger tippets to hold them.

Second day christoph caught his personal best of 4 kilos Fantastic fish.


I fished with Carsten in the morning he delicatley place a size 14 Elk hair caddis on a beautiful glide drag free, up came a gigantic nose and he was on! That fish just took of a lightning speed and again around a stone and gone!!

Day 3 I will be a day I will never forget! I fished with Christoph and had a really great day just geting into the grove. We had fished all of the V,s and sarted to fish difficult spots and around the rocks. I cast a dry fly close to a big rock and up came the fish of my life and took the fly like a lamb! 2 seconds later it turned into a Lion and jumped high out of the water with anger DEEP breath this is a big one!! After an amazing fight down the rapids with Christoph fishing me out of the river 3 times I landed a 4.5 Kilo trout on a dry fly. Life dosent get any better.




A fantastic weeks fishing with some amazing fish caught and lost.
Happy faces all round with all of our group catching a personal best trout on dry flies.
All 111 trout where caught on dry flies, 61 over 2 kilos, 8 over 3 kilos, 3 over 4 kilos with the biggest fish 4.5 kilos.

Big thanks again to Igor our chef and guide with his fantastic humor, great cooking.
Big thanks to the Kharlovka company for the perfect organisation and the ASR programme that allows us to visit these beautiful rivers.
Without doubt the world’s best dry fly fishing for wild brown trout!
On behalf of my group best regards to everyone at Kharlovka.


See you soon.

Group Leader Christopher Rownes