Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 2A – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 2A – 2016

Posted on 29/07/2016

Mystic Litza/ Oset Kharlovka.

Visiting the tundra this time of year can often be a cold and harsh experience. This year upon arriving in Murmansk we realized that we had to start preparing tor tropical heat instead of arctic conditions; Temperatures up to 30 degrees was forecasted for most of our week. We had to go shopping for mosquito resistant tropical outfits….


After trying to sleep during daytime with a tent temperature of about 50 degrees, a nice swim in a waterfall is really refreshing.

Out on the tundra the temperature proved to go even higher, up to 32 degrees C.
We even experienced several nights with temperatures above 20 degrees. This is a situation making it necessary to revert to night time fishing. And of course we did.

3.3 kg fattie

Kola peninsula is truly an amazing place. Despite extreme conditions that normally would have given catastrophic trout fishing conditions, fishing turned out to be excellent!!!
Due to the high temperatures, a lot less hours than normal was spent fishing actively. Despite this, a total of 115 fish was caught. 9 above 3 kg, 48 above 2 kg. Largest 3,7 kg, and several PB was achieved during the week.

Midnight sun

midnight sun2

Fishing under the midnight sun is beautiful experience. A benefit from the intense heat that made night fishing necessary.

Karsten Litza trout

Karsten litza trout

Mystic was the first camp to be visited. A lot of rising trout was observed. The occasional risers was easy to convince with almost any dry fly. The steady risers that we found in some pools was feeding on drifting pupas. And we tricked them with dead drift imitations, preferable just below the surface. Super pupa and similar imitations did the job. A total of 43 trouts was caught in Mystic.

Pushing equipment to limit

At high water temperatures it is important to fight the fish hard and land it as soon as possible. With Kola size trouts, a #5 rod will be pushed to its limits.

underwater trout

A lot of spinners were observed in Mystic . Surprisingly they never seemed to finish their job and get down on the water surface during the time we were awake and fishing.

men watching river

andre 3

Andre with a nice 3 kg beast.

Oset gave less steady rising trouts, but the biggest ones were caught here. By being patient and spending time observing the river, trout would revealed themselves. and could be caught with dry flies.


Monrad had a slow start in Mystic but was definitely high man in Oset with an impressive 21 fish. Biggest 3.1 kg.

A total of 72 fish was caught in Oset. Despite the fact that In parts of Oset, a lot of salmon was observed. Salmon is very unusual this early in the season. It idid nfluence the trout to a certain extent in the lower parts.

Water temperatures was still alarmingly high, but it didn’t affect the appetite of the trout.They did prefer a little bit more fast and oxygen rich water than normal though.

ole b

Some pools in Oset are holding a high number of big fish. The two biggest fish were caught in the same spot with just minutes in between.

ove 3,6

A very pleased Ove with a 3,6 kg trout caught on caddis pupa called «Dyret».

Kurt 3,7

Kurt with the the weeks largest trout. Caught on a «Fat Albert».


Back row from left: Monrad Askevold, Karsten Kjoss, Andre Hesselroth, Ole Bjørn Flovild, Ove Haugen
Front: Kurt Albertsen, and the Boss: Gena. Who once again provided excellent food and service to all of us. Thanks a lot!!.