Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 1A – 2016

Отчёты с кумжевой рыбалки 1A – 2016

Posted on 20/07/2016

Bush Litza and Dream Kharlovka.
The week started well with cool weather and some rainshowers. We had some mayflies hatching and a few fish rising. The fishing was good. On Monday the weather turned and the temperature rose. We still found a few rising fish, but on Tuesday the water temperature rose to 20C and the fishing was slower.
Tuesday afternoon we moved to Dream Kharlovka. That first evening/night we had quite a few fish rising and things looked very promising. The water temperature was 20C, but during the next day it rose to 21C. The rest of the week was extremely hot. We still found a few fish rising in the eddies, but very few fish out in the river. We saw no insects hatching.
The group caught 76 fish above 1kg with a few above 3kg.
The group members were Jon Krogvold, Jørgen Johansen, Roar Kreutz, Fred Andersen, Edvard Bergene, group leader Pål Krogvold and guide/chef Gena. Thank you Gena for a great week with song and music to every dinner.

Week 1A_01

1. Jon with a nice fish.

Week 1A_02

2. Jørgen with fish on.

Week 1A_03

3. Jørgens 3 kg fish.

Week 1A_04

4. Gena has made a 3 kg cake for Jørgen.

Week 1A_05

5. Dinner music.

Week 1A_06

6. Edvard netting a fish.

Week 1A_07

7. Playing for the tip

Week 1A_08

8. The group from the left. Jon, Edvard, Roar, Jørgen, Fred and Pål. Gena with his guitar.


9. Roar with the groups largest fish. 3.1 kg