Рында Неделя 29 – 2013

Рында Неделя 29 – 2013

Posted on 19/07/2013

Guest report by Pálmi Gunnarsson.

Stepping out of the helicopter, briefly looking down over the Rynda lodge, to the lake and Rock Island, be greeted by all the friendly faces that I know so well, made me feel good and like at home.


My friend Kola introduced me to my fishing partner Vadim Titovets from Belarus, and we clicked from the first handshake. The party consisted of one Icelander and a group of fishermen from Russia and Belarus.


After weeks of Mediterranean like weather, Rynda was low in water, very low, “perfect for you small hitched flies” Kola said, and he was right.



Dry flies and hitched flies did the job for us. The week was magnificent. My partner, an enthusiast fly fisherman, with truckloads of humour. Never a dull moment on the rivers Rynda and Zolataya, and the Russian company was fantastic.


Language difficulties were met by Zhanna’s translation. Gena, our guide, then put the icing on the cake, with his skills, and the three of us had great time together, with a little help from the Cosmos.


The week gave us a good number of fish and like so many times before, we lost the big ones. I lost a monster in Rupert but got another one of 23 pounds on the same spot an hour later, on a dead drifting bomber. This was when Vadim had decided to take a nap. It happened again a couple of days later, Vadim took a nap and I caught a fish. Vadim speculated what would have happened if he’d slept the whole week. ****





**** Photos by VT. My partner and I had to work for every fish, use all the tricks in the book, and it paid off. An enjoyable week in good company passed too fast, much too fast.



Rynda river is in my mind a river of the highest standard, a river that always comes first to mind when I think of fly fishing for the Atlantic salmon.


Report by Pálmi Gunnarsson

Photos marked with a * taken by Vadim Titovets