кумжевой «Дом для Лосося» – Что необходимо знать перед поездкой

кумжевой «Дом для Лосося» – Что необходимо знать перед поездкой

Trout fishing program

The trout trophy program starts in Murmansk every Saturday from June to August.

Trip overview (all times given is accurate but can be changed as a result of weather conditions)

13:00-14:00: About mid-day, we pick you up from your hotels in Murmansk or at the airport and take you to Tumanny (Murmansk region). The exact time depends on number of groups to be collected, and will be reported to the group leader a few days before the trip.

17:00: From Tumanny the MI-8 helicopter takes you to Rynda camp. The trip lasts about 15-20 minutes.

17:30: In Rynda camp the guests are offered a snack. Here you will meet the Russian guides and repack the group’s equipment. You will also have a brief instruction regarding the coming week, and have your fishing equipment disinfected. It is smart to have waders, flies and fly reels easily available.

19:00: The groups, with their guides, are deployed to the fishing beats. After organizing the camp, you will have dinner and go fishing.

Everyday plan
The fishing schedule of the day is carefully planned by the Russian guide to ensure that these ecologically sensitive trout areas are protected and appropriately fished and rested. All participants will be given the opportunity to fish fresh water according to a rotation plan set by your fishing guide.

If the program includes a helicopter move, the group will be moved to the new camp location on Tuesday.*

Early Saturday morning the groups are picked up from their camp locations and flown back to Rynda camp. After a quick reorganizing of equipment, the guests will be flown back to Tumanny and further transported by bus to Murmansk.
*Not all the groups programs include the helicopter move. You may check this information with your group leader, the company manager or on our web-site kharlovka.com.

Equipment to consider

Throughout the season, on the north coast of the Kola peninsula, there are likely to be rapid changes in weather conditions. Often dramatic changes occur during a 12-hour period that will involve adding or subtracting several layers of clothing. It is important to ensure your layering system accommodates all the extremes that you might encounter during your visit. Extremes colds may be encountered in the beginning and the end of the season. At any other time temperatures can range from below zero to 30ºC. If experiencing extreme heat we advice you to fish at night and rest during the day. A tarp will give you some shadow and reduce the heat in the tent. (Optional to bring.)

For the trophy trout program each guest is required to bring his/her own fishing gear, rucksack, sleeping bag and mattress. Otherwise all camping gear is provided including: utensils, stools, mess tents and individual sleeping tents. All the food is prepared by your guide. All the food and non-alcoholic beverages are supplied by Kharlovka company and will be included in the price.

Packing list:
– sleeping bag. (Must be able to handle temperatures from below zero to +30.)
– mattress. (Inflatable is good.)
– waders. (Include repair kit or extra pair)
– wading boots
– fishing jacket, waterproof
– cap, warm hat, gloves, buff.
– underwear warm, middle and thin
– thermosocks 2 pairs (warm)
– backpack, bag – waterproof
– thin mosquito proof shirt for warm days.
– tarp to create shadow. (For extreme heat. Optional.)
– rods, reels (4-5-6 class, minimum 2 rods)
– fly lines floating,(sink tip or polyleaders for extreme conditions.)
– tippet material 0.20-0.25mm
– tapered leaders 0-3X
– flyboxes and flies.

Caddis imitations:
streaking caddis, cdc caddis, elk hair caddies, madam X or other large caddies flies, size 6-14.
small pupas (superpuppan or similar) to fish in or just below the surface,
Size 10-16.

Mayfly imitations:
Grey olive and brown, size 12-16.

Wolly buggers in black, brown or olive, Kola Killer, Tsjernoble ant (Dead drift for dry flies, or large streamers normally give bigger fish.)

– floatant, sinket
– insect repellent
– flashlight
– waterproof packages for documents, photo- and video-cameras
– polarized glasses
– extractor, clippers, retriever
– knotless thin net with scale, centimeter measuring tool.
– photo camera
– watches
– thermometer
– knife
– field set to tie flies (optional)
– flyfishing vest (optional)
– waterproof boots, sneakers
– waterproof trousers (optional)
– mosquito net
– wading stick (higly recommended due to very slippery rocks)
– washing and shaving belongings, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, towel

All the other is optional, don’t take too much – everything should be light and compact.

Russian Visa
Everyone is responsible for obtaining their own visa.

Please double check your passport and visa well before you leave your home country. Remember a passport must be valid for 6 MONTHS AFTER date of planned departure from Russia. Your visa must have your name exactly as it is written in your passport and the dates in your visa must cover your entire visit to Russia.

Booking Confirmation
Your booking is not confirmed until a non-refundable deposit is received. Approximately 90 days prior to your holiday, you will be sent a final confirmation letter requesting the remainder of the payment. All guests are reminded to take out appropriate travel and cancellation insurance.

Arrival in Murmansk
If you have any problems when you arrive in Murmansk, please contact Nadya at nadya@kharlovka.com or call Victor on +7 921 275 9821.

Strictly Catch and Release
‘Northern Rivers’ have substantially invested in a major conservation program, called “Back to Nature”, for the protection of the Atlantic salmon and trout in particular and the “tundra” flora and fauna in general – In accordance with the Mandate of the Atlantic Salmon Reserve established June 2007

All Fishing shall be by “Catch & Release” only.

Please mark the following guidelines: Never pick up a fish by its tail. Never drag a fish up onto the bank. Keep the fish in the water as much as possible while unhooking and photographing it. Never handle a fish with dry hands.

Transportation along the rivers
Rubber dinghies and engined dinghies are available in certain camp sites. All fishing is done by wading and never from the boats.

When using boats for river crossing you should use a life jacket. These are readily available to guests. It must be clearly understood that fishing in fast flowing rivers is a dangerous sport. This is especially so in isolated tundra conditions and made all the more so by the use of helicopters. We have made all reasonable effort to properly maintain our equipment and train our staff in matters of safety. However, all visitors must understand that safety standards in the wilderness may not always meet those they are used to.

We have a fully qualified doctor in residence at Rynda camp. In the event of more serious needs we would generally expect to reach a hospital in Murmansk by helicopter within two/four hours.

Please let us know in advance of any serious health problems you may have. And if so, take all the necessary medicines with you. If you have any special dietary requirements due to ill health, such as if you are diabetic or require a low fat diet, please advise us as soon as possible.

Trip Insurance
You are reminded that Kharlovka Company does not provide any form of insurance or refunds/credits. All guests should have adequate arrangements in place to cover their personal circumstances. There are potential dangers and inherent risks in your fishing holiday. You will be living and fishing in the remote wilderness amidst rugged terrain and sometimes wading in fast flowing rivers. In the tundra transport is by Russian helicopters or boats or inflatable dinghies. International travel arrangements, and/or your holiday in Russia, can be disrupted by adverse weather, regulations by government or military authorities, or other factors beyond our control. This might cause you additional travel and accommodation costs and/or termination or cessation of your holiday. The Kharlovka Company cannot be held responsible for events that may occur. By confirming your booking with us you have accepted that your holiday and associated travel is taken entirely at your own risk.

After your trip
When you return from your adventure to the ASR we would like to hear how you got on, if you enjoyed your experience, and how we might be able to improve our operation. We value your comments and want to continue improving to make sure that we are offering the best standards and services possible. Have a good trip and we look forward to hearing about it on your return!

Thank you for choosing to join us on the Kola Peninsula rivers. We believe it will be a lifetime experience. We wish you a successful, rewarding and enjoyable trip and look forward to seeing you in our camps again very soon…

Contact Information
Nadya Glinskaya
Fishing operations manager
Office: +7 8152 275 628
Mobile: +7 902 131 36 34
E-mail: nadya@kharlovka.com

Victor Koretsky
Northern Rivers Office
str. Starostina 31.
Murmansk, 183071, Russia
Mobile +7 921 275 98 21
Office +7 8152 275 628.